‘Unbelieveable’ Pelosi called GOP to Vote on sick things instead of PPP funding


(BREAKING WIDE) – Damn ‘unbelieveable’ and disheartening that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called GOP members back to vote on sick things instead of PPP funding and Covid-19 relief.

Republicans are blasting Nancy Pelosi for having misguided priorities. Arkansas congressman Bruce Westerman ripped into Pelosi for bringing members back to vote on Marijuana and Tiger King legislation instead of PPP funding and covid-19 relief.

In a tweet Tuesday, Bruce Westerman trashes Pelosi for prioritizing unnecessary things at this time while she ignored the dire need for more PPP funding, Covid-19 Relief, Military funding and funding for the entire federal government.


‘Unbelieveable’ Pelosi called GOP to Vote on sick things instead of PPP funding and Covid-19 Relief

Bruce Westerman tells Fox News “And you know, i was thinking it’s the lame-duck. We’ve got a few weeks of legislative business left and i was shocked to found out we were coming back, at least part of us were coming back, Republicans were coming back to DC to vote on marijuana and and Tiger King,” Westerman said.

“And you know with with covid peaking with small businesses closing, Jamie Herrera Butler proposed we do a discharge petition to spend some PPP funds to help these small businesses that are struggling back in September and the speaker has ignored that and you can’t make it up. I can’t believe we’re here back in DC with just a few weeks of time left and the government is not funded, the military is not funded but we’re going to vote on pot and Tiger King,” Westerman added.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer issued a joint statement on coronavirus relief Wednesday. In a tweet, Pelosi writes “Americans are currently living through the worst stretch of the pandemic. Many family budgets & small businesses are at their breaking point. It’s time for Leader McConnell to sit down with Democrats & finally begin a true, bipartisan effort to address the country’s needs.”

“While we made a new offer to Leader McConnell and Leader McCarthy on Monday, in the spirit of compromise we believe the bipartisan framework introduced by Senators yesterday should be used as the basis for immediate bipartisan, bicameral negotiations.”



Very sad that with all these said, Nancy Pelosi is prioritizing Marijuana and Tiger King over PPP funding and Covid relief .

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