Tucker Carlson Tonight ‘Week Recap’


Tucker Carlson Tonight ‘Week Recap’.

It was a busy week for Tucker Carlson and much more was revealed on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ show. These however a recap of all the major talking points of this week ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ show.

Hunter Biden’s Art Sales

Tucker Carlson called out Hunter Biden over sales of art painting. Tucker said “Hunter Biden’s art sales seem flanglantly corrupt” during the normal segment of Tucker Carlson show.


New York post’s Miranda Devine calls the price of Hunter Biden ‘outrageous’ on Tucker Carlson Tonight. See if you will

Hump Day

Tucker Carlson reacts to Eric Swalwell going topless in Qatar. Tucker Carlson Tonight host and Mark Steyn mock the Democrat lawmaker for his shirtless photo riding a Carmel. Carson blasted him for wasting government funds for his womanizing lifestyle. See if you must

Tucker Carlson Tonight ‘Week Recap’.

Runnerway Texans


After the Dem Lawmakers ran away from their posts. The shocking thing that happened was Vice President Kamala Harris gather them praising them for their heroic moves and comparing their action to those of the civil right leaders.

These didn’t sit well with Tucker Carlson. ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host point out that the lawmakers shut down a democratically-elected government to uphold democracy. Tucker Carlson mocks ‘truly heroic’ Texas Democratic fugitives.

Military Politicization

Tucker Carlson laid his hands on whistleblower report on military flying Illegal immigrants. This report was confirmed by ICE incase you are having any doubts or what so ever.


He said “any kind of exaggeration at all that Joe Biden has opened this country’s border to the world. Since Biden inauguration in January, the border patrol has apprehended close to a million of illegals and now they have  resulted in using another means to bring in illegals to this country.”

MSNBC Special Birthday Message

Without a question of doubt, Tucker Carlson is a man who likes to grab the bull by the horn. Tucker Carlson’s message to MSNBC is not what they will forget in a hurry. It will be a clip MSBNC will like to delete.

New Information on Hunter Biden Case


Just last night, Tucker Carlson revealed new information on why Hunter Biden’s case was buried. Tucker Carlson Tonight host discusses the double standard between the first son and the American people. Hunter’s laptop from hell. Full story here 

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