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Trump To Director Wray – The FBI Are Done

Trump To Director Wray - The FBI Are Done

Trump To Director Wray – The FBI Are Done,

President Trump went after FBI Director Wray this morning over his response to the FISA report that came out yesterday:

Also Here’s some of what Wray said that Trump is taking issue with. According to  FOX NEWS – In an ABC interview, Wray highlighted the IG report’s conclusion that there was no political bias or improper motive behind the FBI’s launching of the Russia probe, stating, “I think it’s important that the inspector general found that in this particular instance the investigation was opened with appropriate predication and authorization.”


Now When asked if he had any evidence that the FBI unfairly targeted Trump’s campaign, Wray said, “I don’t,” and appeared to take offense to the notion that the FBI is part of a “deep state.”

Furthermore “I think that’s the kind of label that is a disservice to the 37,000 men and women who work at the FBI who I think tackle their jobs with professionalism, with rigor, with objectivity, with courage … so that’s not a term I would ever use to describe our workforce and I think it’s an affront to them,” he said

Also Wray did acknowledge the mistakes that were highlighted in the IG report and said he is moving to correct them. But clearly Trump was hoping for more from Wray.

Now In fact Axios reporter Jonathan Swan tweeted this morning that he’s hearing that Trump would like to fire Wray, but can’t stomach firing another FBI director:


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Trump To Director Wray – The FBI Are Done.

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