Trump Orders the FBI to do the one thing Democrats are scared of


(BREAKING WIDE) – Trump Orders the FBI to do the one thing Democrats are scared of.

Appearing on Sunday morning features with Maria Bartiromo, President Trump called on the FBI and the DOJ to launch an investigation into the ‘rigged election.’ Meanwhile courts in some states have dismissed the President lawsuits on ‘election fraud’ but Trump said the DOJ have sat on the sidelines long enough.

President Trump is showing no signs to concede to Joe Biden insisting that the feds must investigate the ‘rigged election’.”it’s inconceivable. You would think if you’re in the FBI or Department of Justice, this is…this is the biggest thing you could be looking at. Where are they? I’ve not seen anything. I mean they just keep moving along and they go on to the next President,” Trump said.

Trump Orders the FBI to do the one thing Democrats are scared of.

With Trump refusing to concede, some top Democrats fear the fate of the election has not yet been decided as the results have not been certified.


Although the media called the election for Joe Biden which is unconstitutional to do so, Trump’s call for DOJ and the FBI to step in scare the hell out of Democrats.

However the Department of Justice is yet to respond to Trump’s request but according to reports, the FBI is ready to act if appropriate evidence is presented. “There is no blanket investigation of voter fraud as of today but if appropriate evidence presents itself, the bureau would look at it,” a senior FBI official told Fox News.

Lawrence Jones, a Fox News political analyst says “The burden now is on the Trump legal team to come out with a case, get a case Infront of a judge that is credible.There is no doubt there’s voters fraud, the question is was there enough of voters fraud to overturn this election, right now base on the facts we know, there’s not enough of that,” Jones said.

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