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Trump Crashes Michelle Obama’s School Launch Program 

Michelle Obama's School Launch Program

Trump Crashes Michelle Obama’s School Launch Program,

The Trump administration appeared to have targeted Michelle Obama’s school lunch program for obliteration on the very day of her birthday.

According to Bloomberg: The Trump administration announced a rollback of Michelle Obama’s signature initiative for healthy school lunches on Friday, coinciding with the former first lady’s birthday.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced a proposed new regulation that would make it easier for school cafeterias to offer a la carte entrees to students and allow more varieties of vegetables to be used to meet nutrition requirements.

Perdue said the proposed rule will offer schools more flexibility to serve meals that appeal to student’s preferences, reduce food waste and cut administrative burdens on administrators.


“Schools and school districts continue to tell us that there is still too much food waste and that more common-sense flexibility is needed to provide students nutritious and appetizing meals,” Perdue said. “We listened and now we’re getting to work.”

Michelle Obama’s School Launch Program On Her Birthday

So a couple of things. You aren’t gonna get our fat diabetes-ridden children to be healthy by forcing veggies down their throats at school. Yes, there should be better options, but trust me on this, you need discipline and good parenting to force kids to eat well.

On the other hand, the reason we even have to argue about this stupid issue is because the government has tasked itself with feeding kids. And they’ve made up ridiculous standards to make it easier for more and more kids to be dependent on government as early as possible.

I don’t really care about this either way. But I will say that it’s pretty horrible that the media is freaking out over this just because it’s an insult to princess Michelle Obama,when they didn’t really give a damn when Obama spat on the foothold that the military had in Iraq, just to crap on George Dubya Bush’s legacy. That actually mattered, that led to ISIS,and that led to even more instability in the Middle East, and more torturous murders. But hey, let’s get all worked up about Michelle Obama being insulted instead.


That’s it for Saturday. I do hope you’re having a good weekend. Have an open thread, give me some predictions to guide my NFL championship betting tomorrow.

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Trump Crashes Michelle Obama’s School Launch Program



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