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Trump Could Still Win Despite Impeachment ” Democrats Fears”

Trump Could Still Win Despite Impeachment " Democrats Fears"

Trump Could Still Win Despite Impeachment ” Democrats Fears”, according to a new report from Amy Parnes of TheHill, while Democrats may show outward bluster and a sense of vindication in impeaching President Trump, many are privately fearful President Trump could still win re-election regardless.

Now a recent Gallup approval poll found Trump’s rating rising 5 points since impeachment, now eclipsing Obama’s at the same time of his Presidency.

President Trump’s chances of re-election have also risen in multiple prediction markets since the impeachment inquiry began.

Following Amy Parnes reports of TheHill:


Democrats say it’s entirely possible that President Trump could be reelected in November, despite the shadow of impeachment cast over his presidency.

However while Donald Trump on Wednesday became just the third president in U.S. history to be impeached, the Democrats say he is boosted by a robust economy and a strong base of support from voters in swing states such as Wisconsin and Michigan.

Also It should be noted that Fair’s model was off in 2016 by 7.1 percentage points. In a note, Fair wrote that while it is impossible to test why the model was so far off, it was probably due to Trump’s personality.

While Trump still won the Electoral College, he concluded the GOP might have done much better with a more mainstream candidate. Democrats are questioning whether they will have the right candidate to defeat Trump.


Some worry that former Vice President Joe Biden is a weak front-runner. At the same time, they are nervous that Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are too progressive to appeal to more moderate voters in swing states.

Furthermore  the lack of a dominant front-runner has caused more candidates to enter the race, including former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor.

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Trump Could Still Win Despite Impeachment ” Democrats Fears”.


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