Trump Chances Plummet as DOJ Barr Drops Major Bombshell


(BREAKING WIDE) – President Trump chances plummet as DOJ William Barr drops major bombshell Tuesday, telling the Associated Press(AP) that the Department of Justice has not uncovered any widespread voting fraud that could have changed the 2020 Presidential election outcome.

President Trump earlier called on the DOJ and the FBI to investigate his claim of voter fraud, a senior FBI official responded saying “there’s no blanket investigation of voter fraud as of today but if appropriate evidence presents itself, the bureau would look at it.”

But this new DOJ Barr bombshell plummet the chances of Trump overturning the outcome of the 2020 election. Up till now the President is showing no signs to concede.

Trump Chances Plummet as DOJ Barr Drops Major Bombshell on Associated Press

John Roberts, Fox News chief White House correspondent said there’s bound to be something that is not going to make the big man in the white house very happy. The Attorney General William Barr doing an interview with the Associated Press(AP) in which he said that looking at all of the complaints that have been coming into the DOJ and a lot of them forward it up by the Trump campaign, that they have not found fraud on the scale that would overturn the election yet.


Roberts said it’s important to add the word “yet” because the Trump campaign does continue to try to probe the depths of potential irregularities in many States including Wisconsin and Georgia, but so far DOJ Barr is saying to the Associated Press(AP) that they have not uncovered this on a level that would overturn the election.

Earlier, on Sunday morning features with Maria Bartiromo, President Trump called out the DOJ “missing in action” in investigating his claim of election fraud but now, this new DOJ Barr bombshell is not going to sit well with the President.

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