Trey Gowdy Send Top Governors PACKING over “Rules for Thee” on LIVE TV


(BREAKING WIDE) – Trey Gowdy Send Top Governors Packing over “Rules for Thee” on Live TV.

Try Gowdy drops massive bombshell on top governors over their double standard “the rules are for thee not for them.”

Trey Gowdy says with “thanksgiving” just days away, top Democrats across the country stand ready and able to tell you exactly what you can and cannot do even if they are unwilling to follow their own rules and nothing is off limits.

Pennsylvania’s Health secretary just announced a ban on alcohol sales beginning this Wednesday. The State’s Governor Tom Wolf imposed an in-home mask mandate any time residents have a visitor and their dwelling, a similar recommendation is being used in Nevada forcing residents to wear masks inside and outside at all times when away from home.


A statewide 10 p.m curfew is now in effect in California for everyone in California, except of course, Governor Gavin Newsom, Newark’s New Jersey is under a 10-day advisory lockdown and the rest of the state is facing a 10-person limit on indoor gatherings. Governor Phil Murphy is even encouraging family members not to hug each other, governor Murphy’s rules apply to everyone except of course governor Murphy himself who recently enjoyed a mask free night out with his family at a local restaurant.

Oregon governor, Kate Brown who allowed Portland to sink into anarchy for weeks is now urging her state’s residents to call the cops on any family gatherings.

Trey Gowdy Send Top Governors Packing over “Rules for Thee” on LIVE TV



Candace Owens said she will be celebrating thanksgiving with her close friends and family and the government must have a damn warrant before knocking on her door.

“This is America, I don’t need the government’s permission to feed my family,” Candace Owens added. 

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