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Tomi Lahren Blast AOC And The Entire Dem Candidates

Tomi Lahren Blast AOC And The Entire Dem Candidates

Tomi Lahren Blast AOC And The Entire Dem Candidates, Tomi Lahren took a shot at “Dem Darling” AOC, 2020 Candidate Bernie Sanders and the major problem with homelessness in Southern California.

Tomi Lahren tweeted:

Also on September Trump blasted California officials over the state’s homeless crisis.

Following Report from Fox News, like several West Coast cities Fox News visited, Los Angeles is dealing with a homeless crisis.


However, unlike the East Coast, LA can’t hide all of its homeless in shelters or low-income housing. Failed liberal policies coupled with decades of neglect and mismanagement have turned an old problem into a modern-day nightmare.

Some fear the City of Angels is at the point of no return and are angry at elected officials who talk a big game but rarely deliver. “I don’t want to see them on camera anymore,” Marquesha Babers, who lived on Skid Row as a teenager, told Fox News.

“I don’t want them to write any more articles about how much they care or how much they’re trying to change things. I want to see them do it.” Across the state, officials have long lamented the horrors of homelessness while failing to pass any meaningful legislation.

Homeless advocates accuse those in charge of using the crisis to further their own political aspirations and manipulating an environment that allows them to dodge accountability.


Furthermore “The best we get out of those elected to deal with problems are soundbites,” Pete White, the founder of the Los Angeles Community Action Network, told Fox News.

“Soundbites that say ‘it’s a humanitarian crisis’ and that ‘we have to do something’ only to see that something be either nothing or pathways to criminalization.”

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Tomi Lahren Blast AOC And The Entire Dem Candidates.


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