Texas Woman Admitted With Severe COVID-19 Condition Regretted Not Wearing A Mask


Texas Woman Admitted With Severe COVID-19 Condition Regretted Not Wearing A Mask.

Texas recorded 10,256 new cases of COVID-19 Friday and 174 more deaths, a one-day record, while in Central Texas, the total count rose by 309 to 7,875 and the death toll increased by five to 58.

“Face masks is essential and could help of reduce transmission of coronavirus in the community particularly if used in public transport and crowded areas,” says Ben Cowling, head of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Hong Kong, BBC reported.

Paola Castillo, 24 year old was ‘close to death’ during her nearly 3-month long hospital stay. She was discharged from Medical City North Hills this week after 79 days in the hospital. The young woman was admitted to the facility on April 27 after she began to experience symptoms of COVID-19, namely, difficulty breathing, coughing and a fever, which she first noticed about six days prior to her hospitalization. She presented to the emergency room after her condition became unmanageable from home.


Castillo was “close to death” during her nearly 3-month long stay at Medical City North Hills, according to a news release from the hospital.

“Her symptoms worsened rapidly and she was placed on a ventilator within the first 24 hours at Medical City North Hills,” per the news release, which noted her family was informed her condition was “touch and go” during her more than a month-long stay in the intensive care unit.

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Texas Woman Admitted With Severe COVID-19 Condition Regretted Not Wearing A Mask

Castillo said in the news release that she was heavily sedated and only recalls snippets of interactions with hospital staff, which she thought at the time were dreams. At one point, however, “I saw a light,” she said. “That light was God telling me it was time to wake up.”


Looking back, Castillo told local news station CBS-DFW that she wishes she had worn a mask.

“Maybe if I would have just listened and worn a mask, just a simple thing, I would have avoided all this,” she said. “I work at a bank – I’m always around people – but I was like I’m fine, I’m fine. Never did I think I’d catch it.”

A range of new research on face coverings shows that the risk of infection to the wearer is decreased by 65 percent, said Dean Blumberg, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UC Davis Children’s Hospital

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