Texas Trump Boat Parade Faces Many Monsters


(BREAKING WIDE) — Texas Trump Boat Parade Faces Many Monsters.

Twitter flooded as Bette Midler and some other Democrats mocked and celebrated upon news that multiple boats at a Texas boat parade for Trump sank on Lake Travis. Responding to a tweet “Rough waters on Lake Travis as hundreds of boats in Trump boat parade. Several swaamped”

Bette Midler wrote “BOATER SUPPRESSION! F*ck ‘em!!”

Replying to Midler, one Twitter user writes: “Wow. Bette you’ve sure changed. Remember, love is love is love. Where is your love and compassion for humans? You’ve insulted someone’s English and now this. I can’t”

Another user replied to Midler “I’m not a Trump supporter, but it’s quite callous of you to say that. THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS AFTERALL, regardless of their choices. You should be ashamed of yourself.”


Midler then fires at Trump: “Mr. President, with all due respect, you know NOTHING. You are a parasite, a racist, a thief, a divider and a psychopath.” She added “You sow distrust to distract the American people while you fleece your own country. After 3 &1/2 years, we got it. You are what you are. It is what it is.”

Several anti-Trump celebrities and Twitter users rejoiced, cheered, gloated and mocked, as several boats for Trump sank during a boat parade in Texas.

Multiple boats took in too much water, mostly smaller ones and capsized in the choppy waves. Actor Michael Rapaport filmed a video and wrote “I like My Boaters knowing how to Boat. These are real life Suckers.”

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