Team Leader / Evaluation Specialist Eliminating Tuberculosis in Central Asia Final Performance Evaluation (ETICA) At SoCha LLC


SoCha, LLC is preparing a submission for the Eliminating Tuberculosis in Central Asia Final Performance Evaluation (ETICA) Activity final Performance Evaluation under the USAID Central Asia RP-MEL IDIQ for upcoming work in Central Asia. The primary focus of this evaluation will be to assess whether the project is successfully meeting its goals. This assessment will involve identifying the project’s effective and ineffective components, examining challenges encountered during implementation and the strategies used to overcome them, gauging the long-term viability of the changes implemented, identifying any existing gaps that future projects may need to address, and extracting valuable lessons from the evaluation process. In summary, this evaluation aims to enhance USAID’s comprehension of its investments in the ETICA contract outcomes and the project’s contributions in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan.

Scope of Work:

To support the work of the project, SoCha seeks an experienced Team Leader / Evaluation Specialist. The Team Leader / Evaluation Specialist will serve as chief technical advisor, and will be responsible for the management of the entire evaluation and technical management of the evaluation team.

  • The Team Leader / Evaluation Specialist responsibilities include:
  • Serve as the chief technical advisor for the project’s evaluation efforts.
  • Design and implement appropriate evaluation methodologies to assess project impact and outcomes.
  • Ensure the quality, accuracy, and rigor of the evaluation process.
  • Manage and coordinate the evaluation team’s activities and tasks.
  • Lead the review of policies and systems of identified local organizations to assess compliance with USAID requirements, and work with them to ensure they have robust systems, policies and processes.
  • Ensure timely delivery of evaluation deliverables and reports.
  • Undertake field visits to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan (approximately 1 week per each country), to review activities and meet with stakeholders including partner country officials, health care managers, providers, and program recipients. For Turkmenistan and Kyrgyz Republic the evaluation team might conduct online interviews rather than in person.

The tasks outlined above are subject to change and are indicative, but not exhaustive for the role and other tasks may be assigned by the Project Lead or their designee.

Minimum qualifications and experience:

  • An advanced degree in a relevant field such as monitoring and evaluation, social science, or international affairs.
  • 10+ years of demonstrated professional experience in designing/conducting evaluation in related areas.
  • Proven skills and experience to develop methodological tools and instruments for evaluation such as interview protocols or questionnaires, data processing sheets, etc.
  • Proven leadership in the management of similar-sized international donor-funded activities with skills in strategic planning, management, supervision and budgeting
  • Strong English communication skills are required, both interpersonal and written.
  • Prior experience in Central Asia highly preferred
  • Knowledge of international tuberculosis programming and standards highly preferred
  • Proficiency in Russian, Uzbek, Kyrgyz or Tajik is highly desirable


Remote, with some travel within Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

Estimated level of effort:

55-70 days, expected to start in October 2023

How to apply:

To lodge an application, please submit CV via the form below:

Applications close on September 20. Application review will be on a rolling basis.

How to apply

How to apply:

To lodge an application, please submit CV via the form below:

Applications close on September 20. Application review will be on a rolling basis.

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