Supply Chain Coordinator, Geneva At The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria

The Global Fund aims to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria as epidemics. We invest more than US$4 billion a year to support programs run by local experts in countries and communities most in need. Since 2020, through the COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM), additional funding has been made available to support countries to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. As part of our mandate to fight the three diseases and increase access to quality-assured health products and services at affordable and sustainable prices, the Global Fund plays a leading role in global markets for medicines and technologies that prevent, diagnose, and treat HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Every year, more than half of the Global Fund’s investments is used to procure key health products, ensuring they are available to those who need them most. The Global Fund’s Supply Operations Department, in collaboration across the Global Fund Secretariat, is responsible for the overall management of sourcing, procurement, quality assurance and supply chain related matters, including strategy formulation and implementation, development of policy guidelines and ensure compliances, drive innovation, sustainability agenda and new product introduction, and importantly support country capacity building contributing to a more resilient and agile national health care supply chain. To implement the Global Fund’s 2023-2028 Strategy, Supply Operations (SO) has recently introduced a new operating model, aiming to achieve accelerated value contributions to the communities and people we serve more effectively and efficiently. The Global Fund invest in more than 100 countries, often in very difficult operating context with under-developed in-country supply chain infrastructure and management approach. Supply Operations In-Country Supply Chain team plays critical functions, working with Country Teams to build and strengthen the national supply chain management system, which includes strategy, policy governance, supply chain information systems and related 2nd line of defense matters. Under the supervision of the Senior Manager, In-Country Supply Chain, the Supply Chain Coordinator will be responsible for leading coordination of key in-country supply chain activities, including monitoring, tracking and reporting on project progress, facilitating coordination and ensuring effective implementation of supply chain related investments and initiatives designed to deliver catalytic impact. The Supply Chain Coordinator will also support deep analysis of Supply Chain data beyond the obvious to help advance the Global Fund’s support on in-country supply chain capacity building agenda. Through this pivotal role, the incumbent will be ideally positioned to identify opportunities to improve the performance and lead reporting on key supply chain initiatives. This role will support the Senior Manager, In-country Supply Chain, to advance on improving PR performance through strengthening and accelerating the development of efficient, agile, people-centric and sustainable national health supply chains to ensure equitable access to quality assured and affordable health products. The Supply Chain Coordinator will notably be responsible for:

  •  Coordinating the project planning, monitoring and effective implementation of supply chain related initiatives and investments
  •  Ensuring effective delivery of in-country supply chain investments & initiatives at the Global Fund and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders
  •  Generating analysis & performance monitoring reports
  •  Supporting effective budget management, monitoring and lead in the preparation of financial reports.

Key Responsibilities

Coordinate the project planning, monitoring and effective implementation of supply chain related initiatives and investments

  •  Structure the range of in-country supply chain interventions and provide coordination support to ensure all workstreams are aligned and working towards delivering the NextGen Market Shaping framework aimed at driving equitable access to quality-assured health products.
  •  Support the effective coordination, management and rationalizing of in-country supply chain investments for the Supply Chain team, in coordination with other SO Managers, Health Product Management (HPM) Managers and HPM Specialists and ensure synergy with grant cycle related investments.
  •  Develop and drive Supply Chain Team master workplan for all key related activities, investments, and initiatives. This will include planning and defining a clear scope, delivery timelines, accurate financial forecasts, resources required, and governance structure for effective monitoring of investments and initiatives against set targets.
  •  Lead the development of all relevant materials for the design of the investments, including implementation plan and Grant Approval Committee (GAC) or equivalent body, approval materials.
  •  Identify interdependencies and opportunities between teams and across Supply Operations and the Global Fund by actively contribute to breaking down barriers across the organization

Ensure effective delivery of in-country supply chain investments & initiatives across the organization and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders

  •  Effectively monitor key project deliverables, indicators and risks throughout implementation through a structured tracking and early warning system
  •  Identify areas of project underperformance and engage with workstream leads and stakeholders to develop effective mitigation and prevention measures, while consistently identifying risks & opportunities in delivering all workstreams
  •  Work with relevant members of the Supply Chain Team and other relevant Divisions and Departments to drive the implementation of key aspects of the workplan including absorption of funds in line with forecasts
  •  Support the Supply Chain team in vendor selection process through coordination with the Indirect Sourcing team & other stakeholders as required. Coordinate progress & performance review of key service providers to ensure necessary impact
  •  Enhance coordination and collaboration with external partners & national stakeholders to strengthen country health systems & access to health products
  •  Maximize alignment and synergy of Supply Chain Team’s NextGen Market Shaping priorities with broader Grant Management Division (GMD), Programmatic Monitoring and Risk Division (PMRD), Access to Funding (A2F), Resilient and Technical Assistance and Partnerships (TAP) alignment to support more integrated approach for the delivery of improved health product management systems.

Supply chain investment analysis & performance monitoring reports

  •  Analyze supply chain investments related data, stored in corporately supported systems to track supply chain investment performance
  •  Coordinate with Grant Management Division (GMD), IT, Programmatic Monitoring and Risk Division (PMRD), Access to Funding (A2F), Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH) and the Planning and Procurement Team to integrate internal and external data into corporately supported systems that enable supply chain investment data visibility, analysis, interpretation and reporting
  •  Coordinate the development and implementation of tools that support the analysis of large data sets for ad-hoc supply chain investment analysis to support Country Teams, Supply Chain Specialists and others in performance monitoring
  •  Support the collection and aggregation of supply chain performance data from multiple sources (e.g., routine Principal Recipient (PR) reporting data, investment cases, etc.) and use that analyzed data to pr ovide input to relevant areas of the Global Fund Performance and Accountability framework
  •  Contribute to the co-construction of the health product management portion of the RSSH modular framework with PMRD.

Support budget management, monitoring and leading in the preparation of relevant financial and performance reports.

  •  Track and routinely report on the burn rate of the budget allocated to supply chain catalytic initiatives and related investments to ensure appropriate allocation and absorption in line with priorities and targets and provide on-going reporting to different audiences including relevant supply chain governance bodies, Finance, GMD and others
  •  Proactively support Supply Operations Department communication of NextGen Market Shaping framework Initiatives, including producing high quality and timely reports
  •  Contribute to the development of relevant insights to routine supply chain reports on performance and risk management in a timely manner
  •  Contribute to the preparation of relevant supply chain KPI related reports, materials for presentations at the Board, GAC, MEC, Supply Chain SteerCo. and other related governance bodies
  •  Leverage performance data to inform support supply chain organizational risk register reporting and associated mitigation approaches and coordinate reporting on supply chain risk and performance


  •  Work closely with Risk Department, Country Teams, RSSH, Disease Advisors and other Supply Operations team members to ensure optimal coordination of all Catalytic investments



  •  Advanced degree in health, science, business field or any other similar degree


  •  Qualification in Business and/or engineering and/or Supply Chain



  •  Extensive experience in the area of supply chain at international level
  •  Relevant experience focused on supply chain, program design and implementation, coordination or advisory roles
  •  Extensive project management experience in implementing or managing complex supply chain operations including:
    •  Supply chain project management
    •  Demand / supply planning
    •  Warehousing / distribution / shipping
    •  Order management
    •  Supply chain finance operations
    •  Digitizing supply chains
  •  Proven experience in coordinating diverse teams in complex organizational environments


  •  10 years of experience in the area of supply chain
  •  At least 5 years experience focused on supply chain, program design and implementation, or advisory roles
  •  Experience in Private and Public-Sector Supply Chain in Pharma, Retail, Warehousing & Distribution and/or FMCG
  •  Demonstrated experience driving performance and / or change in an operationally and politically complex organizations, requiring management of many stakeholders, from different seniorities, backgrounds and nationalities, with directly competing interests


Languages: An excellent knowledge of English and preferably a good working knowledge of French. Knowledge of other languages would be an asset.

Organizational Competencies:

  •  Global Fund awareness and mind-set (Level 2)
  •  Service orientation (Level 2)
  •  Drive for results (Level 2)
  •  Collaboration (Level 2)
  •  Interaction (Level 2)
  •  Adaptability (Level 2)

Functional Competencies:

  •  Analytical (level 3)
  •  Business (Level 2)
  •  Country context (Level 2)
  •  Finance (Level 3)
  •  Geopolitical Awareness (Level 2)
  •  Multicultural Understanding (Level 3)
  •  Negotiations (Level 2)
  •  Operational Policy (Level 2)
  •  Procurement & Supply Chain (Level 3)
  •  Project Management (Level 3)
  •  Strengthening Systems for Health (Level 2)

Other Competencies:

  •  Evidence of effective stakeholder management at all levels within an organization
  •  Strong business focus, result orientated with an excellent understanding of how to influence stakeholders
  •  Working knowledge & understanding of project management principles and application in multicultural settings including international public and private organizations
  •  Demonstrated knowledge of the Global Fund and its partnership model, governance, polices and processes

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