St Louis Couple Recieves Support from Gun rights groups


(BREAKING WIDE) – St Louis Couple Recieves Support from Gun rights groups.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey gained national attention when they defended their home from angry Black Lives Matter protesters with a rifle and a handgun.

The St Louis couple quickly became darlings of gun-rights activists for simply exercising their rights under the Second Amendment.

“We’ve got a right to bear arms. We’ve got a right to defend ourselves,” Mark McCloskey told former National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch on her podcast, after a local prosecutor charged the couple with unlawful use of a firearm. “State law in Missouri and the castle doctrine gives us an absolute right to do what we did.”


The McCloskeys — now embracing their role as mascots for the gun-rights movement — spoke during the opening night of the Republican National Convention.

Loesch and other gun-rights groups and activists, including the Gun Owners of America show support for the couple, who they say serve as examples of how to appropriately exercise self defense. “When people do stand up to the mob, I hope that Americans rally around those individuals who do,” Loesch told Mark McCloskey during an appearance on her show.

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In the viral video, Patricia McCloskey brandish what appears to be a Bryco or Jennings Model 38 handgun toward angry protesters — with her finger on the trigger.

Patricia faces massive criticism for lack of trigger discipline but one of the couple’s former attorneys, Al Watkins, told KMOV that the weapon was not operable because it had been used as an exhibit in one of the couple’s cases, and that Patricia McCloskey knew it wasn’t able to be fired.

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