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Smart Congressman Exposed Schiff’s Russia Leaks

Smart Congressman Exposed Schiff's Russia Leaks

Smart Congressman Exposed Schiff’s Russia Leaks.

On Monday, House Intel Committee member Rep. John Ratcliffe featured on Fox News where he trolled house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff whose continuous attack on the president threatens the potency of the coming election.

“Adam Schiff has been one of the worst offenders here” – the Congressman said, before blasting the do nothing Democrats, reminding Americans that Schiff who has had a long record of leaking classified information is at it again in a bid to ruin president Trump’s reelection bid.

Since all the attempts against the president has been futile, from the 2016 faux Russia collusion, and president Trump’s victory or the hoax impeachment, the democrats will stop at

nothing to remove this President, and as it seems a new scheme is already in play, yet again by Adam Schiff.


Other reports coming in that, The disgraced major Dem donor Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for coronavirus inside the prison where he awaits his sentence.

Many are asking how prisoners get a test when many others cannot and the answer is simple – health officials know that prisons are a breeding ground for this kind of stuff.

So they need to identify it early and lock it down or we may be faced with a hard decision about letting people out.



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Smart Congressman Exposed Schiff’s Russia Leaks


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