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“Shocking” Joe Biden SMASH New Dem Plot to Witch-Hunt Trump

"Shocking" Joe Biden SMASH New Dem Plot to Witch-Hunt Trump

(BREAKING WIDE) – “Shocking” Joe Biden SMASH New Dem Plot to Witch-Hunt Trump.

Well there’s is nothing the radical Democrats would love more than to see another bogus witch-hunt investigation against President Trump. Their ‘star boy’ Joe Biden lands shocking blow as he revealed during an interview that he will not use the DOJ as a tool to investigate Trump.

Top radical Democrats have called on Joe Biden to prosecute Trump when he takes office but what comes as a shocking surprise to them is, Joe Biden refused to play ball smashing new plot to start another witch-hunt investigation against President Trump and his family.

Appearing on NBC, Joe Biden says he will not use the DOJ as his vehicle to insisted something happen, Biden said this when asked by Lester Holt about the possibility of using the DOJ to look into anything regarding President Trump.

“Shocking” Joe Biden SMASH New Dem Plot to Witch-Hunt Trump

“I will not do what this President does and use the justice department as my vehicle to insisted something happen. There are a number of Investigations that I’ve read about that are at a state level. There’s nothing at all i can or cannot do about that,” Biden said.


Jim Trusty, a former Justice Department prosecutor tells Fox News that Biden’s response is “a little hollow.”

“A little hollow. I think it’s good  on a broad level that we don’t just criminalize political differences and go after our predecessors or go after political enemies. The problem is DOJ is still basically reeling from the Comey Strzok-Page moments that have made us all question whether or not the DOJ is a political praetorian guard for people that are in charge and obviously Biden suggests that is what is happening for Trump. I think Barr is independent and has done the right thing in a lot of ways but I dont like to get to the point where will have to vow whether the DOJ will be independent, Prosecutors should be able to follow the evidence, where the evidence takes them and not pursue people , Trusty said.

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