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Senate Threatens To Cancel Trump’s Trial Over Pelosi Holding Up Process 

Senate Threatens To Cancel Trump's Trial Over Pelosi Holding Up Process 

Senate Threatens To Cancel Trump’s Trial Over Pelosi Holding Up Process, According to a new report from DailyMail, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has threatened to cancel Trump’s Senate trial over Pelosi stalling the process by not turning over the article of impeachment.

McConnell unleashed a tweet storm against Democrats Thursday, writing:


According to the DailyMail reports Mitch McConnell threatened on Thursday to cancel Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate if ‘scared’ Nancy Pelosi refuses to send him the formal articles of impeachment that Democrats passed Wednesday night.

 Now the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority leader went to war over next steps in the impeachment process, with Nancy Pelosi slamming McConnell as a ‘rogue leader’⁠ and he blasted her indictment of the president as ‘slapdash’ and ‘unfair.’

Also the dispute exploded into the open the morning after Democrats voted to impeach Trump, with the president bragging he could prevaIl by ‘default.’ ‘If the Do Nothing Democrats decide, in their great wisdom, not to show up, they would lose by Default!,’ Trump argued on Twitter of his upcoming Senate trial, which is now in doubt.

Nancy Pelosi has to transmit the articles of impeachment and appoint ‘managers’ to prosecute the president.


She offered no timeline, saying she wanted to see the Senate’s plan for a ‘fair trial,’ effectively holding the articles over McConnell’s and Trump’s heads.

Mitch McConnell, who previously said he wanted to hold a trial in January, responded: ‘It’s beyond me how the Speaker and Democratic Leader in the Senate think withholding the articles of impeachment and not sending them over gives them leverage.’

So…‘Frankly, I’m not anxious to have the trial. If she thinks her case is so weak she doesn’t want to send it over, throw me into that briar patch.’

However, as we speak Trump’s lawyers are exploring the legal question of whether or not Trump has even been impeached since Pelosi hasn’t sent over the articles.


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Senate Threatens To Cancel Trump’s Trial Over Pelosi Holding Up Process.

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