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See What Joe Biden Did in his First 24 hours as President

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(BREAKING WIDE) – See What Joe Biden did in his first 24 hours as President. President Joe Biden wasted no time on his promises after been sworn in as the 46th president of the United states.

After his inauguration as the 46th President of the United States, President Joe Biden began signing numerous executive orders, uprooting some of Trump’s policies as part of his day one action as Commander in chief.

President Biden’s actions draws sharp criticism from top Republicans as they deem his move reckless, a move that will take America backwards again.

The first thing President Biden did basically was to reinstall the policy to allow taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions worldwide. He took away the permit for the Keystone Pipeline, Keystone Pipeline is so important as it helped America become energy independent and being energy independent helps the economy grow and allows the United States to export gas, allows U.S to see soaring jobs being created.


See What Joe Biden Did in his First 24 hours as President

President Biden is going to fund the World Health Organization again, which as we know President Trump cut its funding due to the part they played in covering up the coronavirus.  So just yesterday for instance the World Health Organization admitted that the PCR testing as inaccurate because the testing levels have been set too high. So there’s been an enormous amount of false positives that’s from the head of the World Health Organization that Biden is  now funding again.

Biden is changing the immigration laws and he’s going to open up this country, the Southern border, we’re going to get overrun in southern border that President Trump had worked so hard to secure for our nation.

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