“Save Georgia” Trump In DIRE Need Of Your Support Now


(BREAKING WIDE) – “Save Georgia” Trump in dire need of your support now.

President Trump is heading to the Georgia next Saturday to try to campaign for GOP Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and John Perdue inorder to acquire more votes to keep the Senate under Republican control.

In all indications, these highly contested Senate races are incredibly important to Democrats and Republicans and that is why we’re beginning to see President Trump get involved. President Trump says he is in contact with both GOP Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler and his hoping to give the incumbents a boost when he campaigned for them in Georgia Saturday.

The President is urging his supporters not to boycott the January 5th run-off elections, both  Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock are running highly competitive campaigns against the GOP opponents and with control of the Senate at stake both parties are picking up their ground game with plans to knock on the hundreds of thousands of doors to get out the vote.


“Save Georgia” Trump in DIRE Need of your Support for Senator Kelly Loeffler and John Perdue

Jon Ossoff(D) says “what we have in Georgia is a huge advantage in our ground game, the work that has been done over the last 10 years to register voters and built infrastructure and organizing capacity volunteer recruitment, we are putting all of that to work”

And John Perdue(R) vows everything is in place to make sure they don’t lose any vote “this is the presidential level ground game and we will have over a thousand direct employees doing nothing, but making sure we get our vote out. We’ve already proven that in Georgia’s not turning blue yet,” Perdue said.

Earlier, Raphael Warnock(D) attacked Kelly Loeffler(R) saying “small businesses have been hit hard during this pandemic because politicians like Loeffler have failed to provide the critical aid that they need to survive. When we win on January 5th, we’re going to fix that.”


Senator Kelly Loeffler fires back blasting Reverend Warnock “We’ve delivered $14.6 billion in relief to 174,000 Georgia small businesses & saved 1.5 million Georgia jobs. What have you done?, Kelly said

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