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Sarah Sanders Crashes Pelosi’s Joy Saying Senate Will Vindicate Trump

Sarah Sanders Crashes Pelosi's Joy Saying Senate Will Vindicate Trump

Sarah Sanders Crashes Pelosi’s Joy Saying Senate Will Vindicate Trump,

So Sarah Huckabee Sanders just knocked Nancy Pelosi and her hapless Democrats off their collective high horses over Trump’s impending impeachment.

Now The Democrats are playing a dangerous partisan game that could doom them in the next election.

Look, we already have at least one Dem Rep who will not vote to impeach and no one in the GOP seems willing to move on Trump. Not even the 20 or so that are retiring. That tells you a lot.


Also The few Dems who will break ranks will make not impeaching Trump bipartisan cementing Pelosi’s failure. Much to the horror of the left who were banking on a few GOP Reps to break ranks and put pressure on the Senate.

Won’t happen and even if it does the best Pelosi can hope for in the Senate is Mitt Romney voting with her

Also  At the same time, she will probably lose Joe Manchin who will break ranks with the Dems once he sees it is a total loser. In short, Sarah is correct and the Dems are in for a shock.


According to Report From Fox News: Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Friday that she believes President Trump will be “fully vindicated” by the Senate in an impeachment trial.


Now “We will move forward and the president will continue doing what he has done throughout the entire process,” Sanders told “America’s Newsroom,” one day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for articles of impeachment.

Sarah Sanders said the Senate trial will be much fairer to Trump, unlike the process in the House, expressing the hope that it will be done quickly so lawmakers can address the business of the country, Sanders said that the jobs report Friday was positive, citing 266,000 new jobs created and matching a 50-year unemployment low at 3.5 percent.

Finally “I mean, no one can deny that under this president the country is doing spectacular, particularly the economy. I think the Democrats are making a big mistake by wasting all of their time focusing on this ridiculous sham that is going nowhere.”

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Sarah Sanders Crashes Pelosi’s Joy Saying Senate Will Vindicate Trump.

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