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QAnon icon who said ‘Fauci should be hung’ and ‘the vaccines kill’, dies of Covid

QAnon icon who said 'Fauci should be hung' and 'the vaccines kill', dies of Covid

QAnon icon who said ‘Fauci should be hung’ and ‘the vaccines kill’, dies of Covid.

The coronavirus has claimed the life of yet another anti-vaccine advocate, this time a prominent QAnon advocate who pushed both her followers and others she passed on the street not to get the Covid vaccine.

Cirsten Weldon has gathered tens of thousands of followers on right-wing social media platforms by pushing the pro-Trump QAnon theory. For Roseanne Barr’s QAnon shows, she became a type of QAnon interpreter for her and began filming videos alongside her.

Weldon attacked Covid vaccines and other activities, claiming in one video that Dr. Anthony Fauci “should to be hanged from a rope.” Weldon was a vocal opponent of vaccinations. When she was in line for a vaccine, she videotaped herself ranting at others saying that the vaccine killed and still killing people.

“Don’t receive the vaccines, it kills” Weldon released a video to one of her social media sites warning recipients of the alleged dangers of the vaccines. You can’t believe how naive these people are.” All of them want to take the vaccine.” Weldon, on the other hand, began displaying signs of a coronavirus infection in late December.


Weldon coughed and complained about her exhaustion as she labored through her words regarding the imminent coup of the United States government in her last video, released on December 28. She was admitted to the hospital in Camarillo, California, three days later. With an air mask over her face, she claimed to have “bacterial pneumonia” on Instagram.

In a message on the social media network Telegram, Weldon called the coronavirus medication remdesivir “Dr. Fauci’s Resmedervir” (sic). When a far-right figure who opposes vaccinations is killed by Covid, it is merely the latest example.

The coronavirus killed radio personality Doug Kuzma on January 3. A month after sharing a photo of himself wearing an oxygen mask and pledging to continue refusing the vaccine, QAnon proponent Robert David Steele died of the virus in August.

Veronica Wolski, a QAnon adherent, was hospitalized in September after contracting the coronavirus. Calls asking that Wolski be given Ivermectin (a deworming medicine used by some as an untested coronavirus therapy) flooded the hospital’s phone lines. Wolski died later that month.

People who were close to QAnon’s deceased members have begun to claim that they were murdered in order to conceal their theories about the deep state as a result of their deaths.


They claim that the deep state is responsible for their deaths because they refused internet folk remedies like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.

Weldon’s QAnon followers vowed to carry out violent action against the medical workers after her passing, but they have now backed down.


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