Purchasing analyst, Multiple At United Nations Office for Project Services ( UNOPS )

Closing date: Monday, September 18, 2023

Background Information – Job-specific

The United Nations Office for Project Support Services ( UNOPS ) is an operational branch of the United Nations, which supports the successful implementation of peacebuilding projects, humanitarian aid and development of its partners worldwide. UNOPS helps its partners build a better future by providing services that increase the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and development projects. Mandated as a central resource of the United Nations, UNOPS provides sustainable project management, procurement and infrastructure services to a wide range of governments, donors and United Nations organizations.Under the direction and direct supervision of the SNMC Purchasing Specialist who reports to the head of support services, the purchasing analyst is responsible for the efficient provision of purchasing services reflecting best practices in international public procurement, compliance with UNOPS procurement rules and regulations, appropriate risk management and the best value for money. He / she analyzes and interprets the respective rules and regulations and provides solutions to a wide range of purchasing issues. compliance with UNOPS procurement rules and regulations, appropriate risk management and the best value for money. He / she analyzes and interprets the respective rules and regulations and provides solutions to a wide range of purchasing issues. compliance with UNOPS procurement rules and regulations, appropriate risk management and the best value for money. He / she analyzes and interprets the respective rules and regulations and provides solutions to a wide range of purchasing issues.

Maintaining the highest level of personal and professional ethics, the purchasing analyst maintains a collaborative, client-centered, quality and results approach within the Business Unit.

Functional Responsibilities

Objective and scope of the mission:

  •  Implementation of operational supply strategies
  •  Supply process management
  •  Implementation of the sourcing strategy and e-procurement tools
  •  Facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing
  •  Support for team management

1. Implementation of the main aspects of operational purchasing strategies with emphasis on the following activities:

  •  Support for the purchasing and / or project specialist in the preparation of the SNMC supply strategy and consolidated purchasing plan
  •  Full compliance of procurement activities assigned to UNOPS rules, regulations, policies and strategies; implementation of effective internal control, proper design and operation of a customer-oriented purchasing management system
  •  Implementation or support of the different stages of the supply process:
  •  Pre-purchase: strategy and planning, definition of requirements, supply
  •  Purchase: solicitation; bid management; evaluation; review and award
  •  After the purchase: finalization and issuance of the contract; logistics and contract management; supplier performance evaluation.
  •  Compliance or support with the compliance of purchasing activities with the various performance indicators established.

2. Support and / or implementation work ( supply management ) purchasing processes, with an emphasis on the following activities:

  •  Preparation of elements of timely procurement plans and monitoring of their implementation
  •  Application of guidelines to integrate sustainability into the procurement process
  •  Preparation of solicitation documents, management of bids and the evaluation process, negotiation of certain contract conditions in full compliance with UNOPS rules and regulations
  •  Preparation of tenders to the Contracts and Goods Committees ( CPC )
  •  Finalization and monitoring of the signing of the various contractual agreements for all types of purchases ( goods, services and works ) using the appropriate instruments
  •  Support for contract management, including initiation of payment requests
  •  Advice and proposals for corrective measures or solutions to project managers on supply problems, including contract management
  •  Support for the implementation of audit recommendations
  •  Support for the Purchasing Specialist to update the SOP of supply.

3. Implementation of the supply strategy and electronic purchasing tools, with emphasis on the following activities:

  •  Implementation of the browning strategy allowing the identification of serious and competent suppliers
  •  Development and management of supplier lists by category covering Hub countries
  •  Use of e-sourcing modules in accordance with the objectives and standards of the UNOPS Procurement Group in this area.

4. Support for team management

  •  Contribution to the creation of an environment allowing the provision of high quality purchasing services within the time allowed and in accordance with established rules and principles
  •  Participation in effective work planning, performance management, supervision and promotion of learning and development
  •  Support for team supervision, ensuring that team members comply with existing policies and best practices.

5. Knowledge building and sharing

  •  Organization, facilitation and / or implementation of training and learning initiatives for staff on subjects related to procurement
  •  Contribution to knowledge networks and communities of practice in procurement by providing a collaborative synthesis of lessons learned and by disseminating best practices in human resources management
  •  Collection of comments, ideas and internal knowledge on processes and best practices and ensures their productive use.

The main purchasing management activities aim at results which directly affect the overall efficiency of the operational unit and of the parties concerned. The delivery of quality and timely goods and services contributes to the performance of the office, the efficiency and satisfaction of the client, which promotes the image and credibility of the team and the office as an efficient service provider in services and project management. This strengthens the competitive position of UNOPS as a prime partner in sustainable development and project services in the country / region served.

Education / Experience / Language requirements


  •  A first level university degree ( Bachelor ) in procurement and / or supply chain management and / or, in law, and / or in commerce, and/or in business administration or, in public administration, and / or finance, and / or in economics or in a related field is required.

Professional experience:

  •  A minimum of two ( 2 ) years of professional experience in purchasing, and / or supply chain management is required
  •  Work experience of at least one ( 1 ) year with an ERP is required
  •  Previous acquisition experience in the infrastructure sector is highly desired
  •  Previous work experience in the field of health product purchases is an advantage
  •  Working experience with a range of stakeholders in developing countries is desirable
  •  Knowledge of UN procurement rules and regulations ( agencies ), international NGOs is an advantage.


  •  Full command of French and English is required
  •  Knowledge of another official language of UNOPS is an asset.

CertificationFor those who do not have a diploma in purchasing, and or in supply chain management, The Chartered Institute of Supply and Management ( CIPS ) or similar international certification is a separate advantage.


Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of its role on all partners and give priority to beneficiaries. Forge and maintains strong external relations and constitutes a competent partner for the others ( if this applies to its role ).

Evaluate data and processes to make logical and pragmatic decisions. Adopts a neutral and rational approach by calculating the risks. Applies innovation and creativity to a problem-solving approach.

Effectively establishes a series of measures for oneself and for others to achieve a goal. The actions taken lead to the complete accomplishment of the task while respecting the quality requirements in all areas. Identify the possibilities and take initiatives to seize them. Understands that responsible use of resources optimizes the effect of our activities with beneficiaries.

Treats all individuals with respect; gives consideration to differences and encourages others to do the same. Incarnates ethical and organizational standards. Meet high demands for honesty. Is a model for diversity and inclusion issues.

Open to change and flexible in a very dynamic environment. Effectively adapts its approach to follow changing circumstances or needs. Learn from experience and modify behavior. Its results are consistent, even under pressure. Continuously seek improvement.

Expresses ideas or facts in a clear, concise and open manner. Communication indicates consideration for the feelings and needs of others. Actively listen and share his knowledge spontaneously. Manages conflicts effectively while respecting differences and finding common ground.

Acts as a positive example contributing to team spirit. Collaborates and supports the development of others. For managers only: acts as a positive example of leadership, motivates, directs and inspires others to succeed, uses appropriate leadership styles.

Contract type, level and duration

  •  Type contract: LICA ( Local Individual Provider Contract )
  •  Contract level: LICA 8
  •  Contract duration: Ongoing ICA – ‘ Open-ended, subject to organizational requirements, availability of funds and satisfactory performance.ontract duration:

For more details about the ICA contractual modality, please follow this link: https://www.unops.org/english/Opportunities/job-opportunities/what-we-offer/Pages/Individual-Contractor-Agreements.aspxAdditional Information

  •  UNOPS does not accept spontaneous applications.
  •  Applications received after the closing date will not be examined.
  •  UNOPS will only communicate with those selected to take the next step in the recruitment process, which consists of different assessments.
  •  UNOPS wants to promote diversity and is committed to ensuring equal access to employment. UNOPS staff are people of different nationalities, cultures, languages, races, gender identities, sexual orientation and abilities. UNOPS wishes to maintain and strengthen this diversity in order to ensure equal opportunities and an inclusive working environment for all of its staff.
  •  UNOPS encourages women and persons belonging to under-represented groups in its staff to apply, particularly persons belonging to ethnic minorities, indigenous groups and gender identities and minority sexual orientations, as well as people with disabilities.
  •  UNOPS wants to ensure that everyone can give the best of themselves during the evaluation process. Preselected persons who require additional assistance in carrying out an assessment, including reasonable accommodation, are invited to inform human resources personnel after receiving an invitation to participate in this assessment.


  •  For staff positions ( staff ), UNOPS reserves the right to assign a person to a lower level post than that published in the job offer.
  •  Holders of a provisional contract ( retainer ) must devote approximately four hours of their own time to undergo some compulsory training before starting to provide their services to UNOPS. To find out more about the provisional contract, click here.
  •  All UNOPS staff members must, in the exercise of their functions, comply with the Charter of the United Nations, UNOPS policies and instructions, and any other relevant accountability framework. In addition, staff members must demonstrate an understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals consistent with the values of the United Nations and the vision of « Our joint program ».
  •  UNOPS policy requires verification of the references of all those selected for a position. These checks are decisive for hiring.


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