Petition Calls For Christopher Columbus Monument To Be Replaced With Marsha P Johnson


Petition calls for Christopher Columbus monument to be replaced with Marsha P Johnson.

Earlier, petition to replace all Confederate Statues in Tennessee with Dolly Parton’s monuments gained traction.

Petitioners want Confederate Statues In Tennessee Replaced With Dolly Parton's Monuments
Petitioners want Confederate Statues In Tennessee Replaced With Dolly Parton’s Monuments

Over 95k have signed petition to replace Columbus monument with transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson’s statue. The petitioners argued that Columbus, whose statue has been in the town for nearly 50 years, is “not a figure to be celebrated.”

“Although it is widely taught that Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas, he could not have ‘discovered’ land that was already occupied by indigenous groups,” the petition states. “Many believe celebrating Columbus is glorifying European colonialism.”


The petition, started by 19-year-old Elizabeth resident Celine Da Silva, comes as anti-racism protesters across the country deface and tear down monuments of historical figures with racist pasts, including Confederate leaders and colonizers. Columbus statues have been torn down in Minnesota and Virginia and one was beheaded in Boston. Several statues of racist historical figures are slated to be officially removed.

When the transgender activist Marsha P. Johnson was alive, there were no murals created in her honor; there were no institutes in her name; and there were certainly no monuments recognizing her activism. In fact, according to historians, Johnson — now recognized as one of the most influential forces of the modern LGBTQ rights movement — was told to march in the back of at least one of New York City’s gay pride marches. But while Johnson, who was found dead in 1992 under suspicious circumstances, was never celebrated during her lifetime, she has transcended to icon status in death.

Marsha P. Johnson, who identified as a transvestite before the term transgender was popularized, was best known for participating in the 1969 Stonewall uprising and for her work with poor, Black members of the LGBTQ community. Alongside Sylvia Rivera, Johnson co-founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, a political collective that provided housing for queer youth and sex workers in lower Manhattan.

“We should commemorate Marsha P. Johnson for the incredible things she did in her lifetime and for the inspiration she is to members of the LGBT+ community worldwide, especially black trans women,” the petition states.


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Petition Calls For Christopher Columbus monument To Be Replaced With Marsha P Johnson.

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