Pelosi Schiff And Democrats Are In Dissarry Over New Poll


Pelosi Schiff And Democrats Are In Dissarry Over New Poll, Oh man if you are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, or any of Democrat presidential candidates they are not going to like the new Monmouth poll.

Now To start off, impeachment doesn’t seem to be affecting President Donald Trump as his support for reelection actually went up.

Right Now, the juicy part, as always, is in the details just take a look at the favorable to unfavorable percentages below.

If you are Democrat presidential candidate these numbers are not good and with impeachment, on the brink of imploding, it could get even worse.


Also If you would like to evil chuckle with me a little bit more take a look at the numbers when President Trump is compared to the Democrat field among independents. The President is almost split 50/50.

However Think about this, the House is getting ready to impeach President Trump and this is best the Democrats can do.

Democrats can try to draw all the comparisons to Nixon they want but the truth is they can’t touch President Trump.

 look, Democrats can run numbers up in New York, California, Illinois, Washington, and Massachusetts. They could even throw big rallies and get their faithful followers to dominate twitter but, it’s not going to do a damn thing for them.


As we speak This doesn’t mean that President Trump can just walk into a second term. But, with the President numbers being as favorable as they are with independents, Democrats are going to struggle to get independents in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio to vote for their crappy candidates.

Furthermore I would also offer this…My guess is President Trump’s numbers are higher than this Monmouth poll indicates and the numbers for the Democrats are even worse.

Plus, when this impeachment sham goes to the Senate the Republicans are going to put the Democrats through hell; they have already hinted they would. When the public sees just how corrupt the Democrats have acted it could be catastrophic.

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Pelosi Schiff And Democrats Are In Dissarry Over New Poll.

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