Operations Room Manager, Kyiv, Ukraine At ICRC – International Committee of the Red Cross

Please note that the ICRC is not a UN-system organization.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence and to provide them with assistance.

The ICRC is mandated to work in countries affected by armed conflict or other situations of violence. The ICRC is present in over 80 countries and has some 19,000-field staff.

In 2014, the ICRC expanded its presence to Ukraine. There are more than 600 ICRC staff working in Kyiv, Dnipro, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Lviv, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Odesa.

The ICRC is looking for an enthusiastic and motivated person to fill the position of Operations Room Manager in its delegation in Kyiv.




Room Manager is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of radio operators. As such, he/she manages a team and implements existing protocols, but he/she may also be involved in developing new procedures.

In the event of a security of safety incident, he/she provides guidance to Operations (Ops) room operators in the initial phase in accordance with existing standard procedures. Whilst ensuring operations room continuity, he/she provides continuous support to the management and participates in critical incident management drills as a key member.

Lastly, the


Room Manager writes analysis of developments in the security environment as well as provides daily updates highlighting major developments within the ICRC’s areas of responsibility.

In particular, the tasks and responsibilities of the Operations Room Manager include: 1. Operations Room Management:

  •  Compiles field trip requests, ensures compliance with existing standard operations procedures (SOPs) and submit to delegation management for validation in a timely manner
  •  Submits approved field trip list to relevant authorities and ensures the associated response is received prior to movement
  •  Ensures that vehicle fleet management/logistics (VFM/LOG) receives approved movement plan list to ensure vehicle allocation
  •  Coordinates with Weapon Contamination (WeC) to ensure that planned field trip routes have been cleared & approved
  •  Supervises Ops room operators in their movement tracking and monitoring
  •  Coaches and train Ops room operators, conducts regular performance reviews
  •  Organises shifts, schedules and replacements for Ops room operators to maintain 24/7 operability of the ops room.
  •  Provides feedback to the delegation management on SOPs and existing tools and procedures alongside recommendations on how to improve the functionality of the operations room.

2. Incident Management:

  •  In the event of a security of safety incident, provides guidance to Ops room operators in the initial phase in accordance with existing SOPs
  •  Immediately alerts management (Field Security and Crisis Management Support Coordinators (FSCMCs), Head of Operations (HoOps), Head of sub-site) through a detailed sitrep and initial actions taken
  •  Ensures that Ops room operators alert field teams in the area of the situation with advice on how to proceed
  •  Manges Security management information platform (SMIP) database
  •  Initiates the recording of related developments and actions taken in the relevant logbook(s)
  •  Provides continuous support to the management throughout the ongoing situation
  •  Ensures operations room continuity
  •  Participates in Critical Incident Management drills as a key member of the delegation crisis cell

3. Analysis and Reporting:

  •  Using external and internal data, writes analyses of developments in the security environment to the delegation management through the identification of threats, security trends & indicators
  •  Provides daily updates on ongoing field trips and field presence and associated security threats and risks to the management
  •  Provides daily sitreps highlighting major developments within the ICRC’s areas of responsibility
  •  Participates in the delegation’s security working group and provides analysis on incidents trends and potential security impact on ICRC staff & assets.

4. General Duties:

  •  Understands the three components of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement
  •  Applies the security rules at all times
  •  Respects and observes staff regulations of the ICRC in Ukraine
  •  Performs duties and tasks not covered in this job description and provides support to other departments when required

Functional Responsibilities:

  •  Implements existing protocols and contributes to their review and update
  •  Manages all Ops room operations in the delegation and organises movement planning requests
  •  Draws up the duty schedule on a regular basis
  •  including shifts, days off and holidays
  •  and ensures replacements during absences so that the Ops room remains operational 24/7
  •  Supervises, trains and coordinates all Ops operators in the delegation
  •  Manages initial stages of any security and safety incidents and provides a detailed briefing in the handover to FSCMC/Head of Operations
  •  Analyses internal and external data to produce operational analytical reporting on security developments, indicators and trends

Required Qualifications and Skills:

  •  Ukrainian citizenship or holding permanent resident status in Ukraine;
  •  Specialized technical certificate or non-specialized university degree;
  •  Between 6 to 9 years of relevant work experience are desirable and of added value. Alternatively, 3-year work experience as analyst is an asset;
  •  Fluent in written and spoken English, Ukrainian, Russian;
  •  Team leadership & people management skills;
  •  Excellent analytical skills;
  •  Experience in incident management and working under pressure;
  •  Experience in communication tools, devices (HF/VHF radio, satphone, sat messengers, …) and aps; trained in cybersecurity and use of GIS tools.

Social package and other benefits

  •  Official employment according to Ukrainian labour law
  •  Annual paid 20 working days’ vacation
  •  Medical insurance for employees and family
  •  ICRC Institutional training
  •  Individual development covered by ICRC
  •  Foreign language courses
  •  Convenient office location in the city centre

Starting date: As soon as possible

How to apply:

Please submit your CV in English, along with your motivation letter and salary expectations to the attention of the Human Resources Department.

Application deadline: 29 May 2023

Only candidates meeting the above-mentioned criteria will be considered and contacted for tests and/or interviews. No inquiries by phone, please.

ICRC is Equal Opportunity Employer giving the highest priority to staff safety and security.

For more information, visit the website: http://www.icrc.org/