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On Biden’s Watch – A New Afghanistan Was Born

On Biden's Watch - A New Afghanistan Was Born.Taliban spat on 9/11 heroes because America lack ' a Commander in chief' 

On Biden’s Watch – A New Afghanistan Was Born.Taliban spat on 9/11 heroes because America lack ‘ a Commander in chief’ 

The commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 was always going to be significant. It was expected to be a day of memory and reflection. Rather, it now stands in the way of a hasty exit from Afghanistan. Rather than recognizing those who have battled the Taliban for the past 2 decades, we are seeing the Taliban gain control of more money, land, and weapons than ever before.

Former Taliban inmates are now serving freely and openly at the highest levels of the Taliban government. While our government is significantly better structured to secure our homeland, dealing with new threats demands the commander in chief’s intellectual agility and effective decision-making. Where is the solid judgment that our country so sorely needs today? To be clear, President Joe Biden’s tragic exit was unnecessary. The Trump administration’s departure plan, which was left for him, may have prevented it.

The Trump strategy was premised on a conditional pullout that was contingent on successful final peace talks between the Taliban and the Ghani administration. The Trump administration’s pullout strategy was meant to avoid the type of bungled and chaotic situation we saw. It was also intended to serve as a foundation for the Afghan people to build on as they plan the country’s future.

To put it another way, it would have served as the foundation for a future Afghanistan created and constructed by Afghans. Despite the fact that Afghanistan belongs to the Afghan people, the threats emerging from the region are of considerable concern to Americans. As a result, we left a strategy in place, as well as our overall approach to ensuring the safety of Americans. Today, we are witnessing not just the harm that President Biden is causing to America’s international reputation, but also the construction of a new Afghanistan that will most likely be extremely dangerous and represent a new set of risks to Americans at home.


On Biden’s watch, a new Afghanistan was born, just like America’s exit from the old one. The entire image of Afghanistan’s threats has yet to emerge, but given on the previous experience, they will almost certainly be considerably darker and more complicated. To deal with this looming threat, we need a commander in chief who is adamant about putting Americans and their interests first.

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