Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Who Defied Statewide Mask Mandate Fears His State ‘Could Become Florida’


Ohio Gov Mike DeWine Who Defied Statewide Mask Mandate Fears His State ‘Could Become Florida’.

A single cough can produce up to 3,000 droplets. There are fears the virus can also be spread simply through speaking. One recent study showed that we spray thousands of droplets invisible to the naked eye into the air just by uttering the words “stay healthy”. New study on face coverings shows the risk of infection to the wearer is reduced by 65 percent, said Dean Blumberg, Chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UC Davis children’s hospital.

Florida reported 12,523 new cases of the coronavirus on Saturday, marking the fifth consecutive day the hot-spot state reported more than new 10,000 infections, according to the state’s health department.


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, who has so far refused calls to issue a statewide mask mandate, warned Sunday that his state could become the next Florida a current epicenter for coronavirus cases in the US .

“We are at the point where we could become Florida,DeWine said. “Where you look at our numbers today versus where Florida was a month ago, we have very similar numbers. So we’re very, very concerned.”

Johns Hopkins University data analysis shows, there have been at least 350,037 known cases of COVID-19 in Florida and 4,981 deaths. In Ohio, there have been 74,928 confirmed cases of the virus and 3,173 deaths. According to the Hopkins data , 6.2% of all COVID-19 tests administered over the past week in Ohio have returned a positive result compared to about 17% of the tests in Florida.

“While we did a great job early on in Ohio, we’re now headed in the wrong direction, and frankly, I’m very, very concerned about that,he said. “So we’re going to move ahead with more orders from us this week,” DeWine said.


Chuck Todd asked DeWine on Sunday why he hadn’t declared a statewide mandate. DeWine responded, “I don’t think anybody in Ohio who’s watched what I’ve done over the last four months doubts that, I’ll do what we need to do to protect Ohioans.”

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DeWine also said officials had not ruled out a statewide order. As of Sunday, face masks are currently required in 19 of Ohio’s 88 counties under the state’s Level 3 designation, which as of July 7, requires the use of face masks to through DeWine’s executive order . Masks are not required for counties at Level 2 or below.

“Face masks could help to reduce transmission in the community particularly if used in public transport and crowded areas,” says Ben Cowling, head of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Hong Kong, BBC reported.


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