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Obama Official Blame Trump For U.S Embassy Attack

Obama Official Blame Trump For U.S Embassy Attack

Obama Official Blame Trump For U.S Embassy Attack,

Wendy Sherman, a top official at the State Department under President Obama, directly blamed President Trump for the recent attack on the U.S. embassy from pro-Iranian protesters.

Wendy Sherman writes in her USAToday Op-Ed “Attack on US Embassy in Iraq shows Trump is failing. He walked into Iran’s trap.”

According to Sherman: It is President Donald Trump’s failed policy toward Iran that has brought us to this combustible moment.

Iraq is a tough country under any circumstances, made more so after the 2003 U.S. invasion that upended the Middle East and cost so much in U.S. lives and treasure.


But Iraq also created strange bedfellows. The U.S. troops worked alongside Iraqi and Iranian militia to destroy a common enemy, the Islamic State terrorism group.

And even as Washington was confronting Iran over its nuclear program and malign behavior elsewhere,

we maintained an uneasy coexistence in Iraq, where Tehran holds considerable sway.

That uneasy balance was destroyed when Trump withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, better known as the Iran nuclear deal.

Like other critics of the agreement, Trump believed it should have resolved all of America’s issues with Iran.


Trump believed we were giving Tehran benefits without a requisite return.

He thought a “maximum pressure” campaign would ultimately bring Iran to its knees, or incite a popular uprising against its theocratic regime.

Sherman is far from the only Democrat blaming Trump for the U.S. embassy attack.

Multiple Democrats took to Twitter blamed President Trump for the U.S. embassy attack by pro-Iranian forces.

Warren specifically pointed out Trump’s decision to “walk away from the Iran deal” and


to “launch airstrikes in Iraq without Iraqi government consent” for bringing the United States “closer to war.”

Obama Official Blame Trump

Iran deal

Only a single day later, the siege at the U.S embassy ended after Trump sent Marines and paratroopers and the pro-Iranian militiamen withdrew.

President Trump had mocked the “corrupt media” tweeting:


Meanwhile, the NY Times appeared to offer sympathy for the violent embassy attackers by calling the “mourners.”

Iraq Protesters at U.S Embassy


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