NYPD Petition To Impeach Bill de Blasio Gain Traction, Sign Now


NYPD Petition To Impeach Bill de Blasio Gain Traction, Sign Now.

Earlier,  Bill de blasio’s daughter was arrested in Manhattan Protest and during a presser, the New York Mayor said ” am proud of my daughter”.

Growing calls for Bill de blasio to step down as New York mayor hieghtens. Appearing on Fox News, Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani said de blasio is incompetent and should resign.

Critics of Mayor Bill de Blasio are circulating, petition calling for his impeachment amid outrage over riots and lootings in the city during protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police gain traction.


NYPD Started Petition To Impeach Bill de Blasio Gain Traction, Sign Now

The Petition States:

Mayor Bill DeBlasio is destroying New York City. We cannot have him continue as mayor for the next two years. The people of NY want change, and now is the time to act before it becomes any worse.

This is not about being conservative, left, etc. This is about “radical” politics that are harming the city and being neglectful of New Yorkers. Below are some of the issues with Mayor Deblasio:

Bill does not care what New Yorkers think, want, or need. “The issue is people don’t like him, and he doesn’t care,” said Rebecca Katz, a former longtime de Blasio adviser and founder of consulting firm New Deal Strategies.


The mayor plans to run for President in 2020. He has been absent and neglectful of NY, especially in times of need. (Ex: summer blackout of 2019) How can Bill abandon NY anymore than he already has to go on a campaign tour, especially when he has no chance of winning?! The mayor has made more horrendous choices than past infamous Mayors like Lindsay and Dinkins.

The mayor avoided acknowledgment of the Puerto Rican Day Parade and veterans’ D-Day ceremonies. He also “forgot” to attend a 9/11 memorial event for victims.


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