Nancy Pelosi Set Final DEADLINE For COVID Stimulus Deal


(BREAKING WIDE) – Nancy Pelosi Set Final Deadline For COVID Stimulus Deal.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to walk back her 48 hours deadline, she claim that was no deadline but said the actual deadline will be on Thursday.

Appearing on MSNBC the California Democrat smear President Trump, she claims Trump and Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader downplayed the coronavirus and never took it seriously from the start.

“From the start the President has never taken this seriously and neither has Mitch McConnell and if you saw at the debate the other night when he was asked what is he doing to help with the resolution of this challenge COVID-19 on the economy, he laughed, he laughed, he laughed.” “He have never taken  this seriously,” she said.


With 48 hours gone with no deal, Pelosi tweeted her next move on Tuesday, according to her, the best way to defeat COVID and protect the economy is by helping the most vulnerable members of the community first.

“We believe and were told by economists that the best thing to do is for us to help the neediest first,” she said. “And now so we finally in the last 24 hours have come to a place where they’re are willing to address the crisis, the coronavirus, to crush the virus and what they’ve done over the weekend was take out all the language that address the disparity and how it affects our communities,” she added.

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