Nancy Pelosi Prioritize “November Rent” Hasten Stimulus Deal for Americans


(BREAKING WIDE) – Nancy Pelosi Prioritize “November Rent” Hasten Stimulus Deal for Americans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Americans in dire need deserve action in time for them to receive relief before their November rent is due. Republicans must step up and work with us to deliver.

“We want to get something done for the American people as soon as possible.” “Our bill is over 5 months old, they finally came to the table and I think is up to the President to commit people in their own party,” she said

“You have to also remember how that is because some of them don’t care to spend any more to crush the virus, to make our schools safe, to honor our heroes, for money in the pocket of the American people that is so needed.”


“But again I’m optimistic they would, there will be a bill, it’s a question if its in time to pay the November rents which is my goal or is going to be shortly after retroactive.” “And again we’re in a better place than we’ve been and the goal we had untill last night was to stake out our physicians so that there’s is no more movement and come to an agreement, am optimistic,” Pelosi said.


Pelosi also said tere is no reason America’s schools shouldn’t be the safest place for our children to learn and thrive. House Democrats are committed to ensuring any relief agreement delivers the safe learning environment our children deserve.

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