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Mitt Romney Facing Calls To Be Removed From Republican Party

Mitt Romney Facing Calls To Be Removed From Republican Party

Mitt Romney Facing Calls To Be Removed From Republican Party,

Thursday, during his acquittal victory speech, President Trump blasted Utah Senator Mitt Romney as a “failed Presidential candidate” who uses “religion as a crutch.”

“I’ve never heard him use it before, but today you know it’s one of those things.” Trump proclaimed.

“But you know, it’s a failed presidential candidate so things can happen when you fail so badly running for president.”


Mitt Romney was the only Republican Senator to vote alongside Democrats to convict Trump, a largely symbolic vote since conviction had no chance of passing.

Romney told Chris Wallace “I do believe he should be removed from office” and defended his vote to convict Trump.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. called for just the opposite – for Mitt Romney to be removed from office.

Mitt Romney Facing Calls To Be Removed

Rick Gorka, former Press Secretary for Romney accused him of acting out of bitterness and jealousy.

According to TCO, During a blistering segment, Laura Ingraham called on Mitt Romney to resign and threatened to consider personally moving to Utah to run against him if he won’t.

Also Fox News, Laura called Romney “the ultimate selfish, preening, self-centered politician.”


“If he were up for reelection this year, the people of Utah would have their own payback against him because they were defrauded by Romney. For when he had to choose, he chose [Charles] Schumer and Kamala [Harris] over common sense and conservatism,” Ingraham said.

“If you’re one of Romney’s constituents in Utah, you’re out of luck. If you’re a business in need of a regulation reexamined, don’t bother calling his office. He has no power anymore.”

Ingraham brought up Romney’s previous presidential runs saying, “we thought you’d be better for America and the way you repay millions of people, the millions who did vote for you in 2012 is to throw in with the very people who don’t share our goals, who hate us. And by the way, who still hate you.”

“Like all the other bitter ‘Never Trumpers’, he’d rather see the entire American economy go down the drain than give Trump a victory,” Ingraham said.



“Mitt, you made your stand. Now should you should resign. You committed a fraud on the people of Utah, on the Republican Party, on the Constitution, and a thoroughly embarrassed yourself,” Ingraham said. “If I have to move there to run against him in four and a half years, I will.”

Is recalling Mitt Romney actually possible? It may not be now but could be if a new bill passes.

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Mitt Romney Facing Calls To Be Removed From Republican Party


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