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Merry Christmas To All Conservatives “Joyous Celebration”

Merry Christmas To All Conservatives "Joyous Celebration"

Merry Christmas To All Conservatives “Joyous Celebration”,

A Joyous celebration of the incarnation is here! It is the time when God left the gloriousness and perfection of Heaven to become man, to undo our fatal mistake, our grievous sin from the garden that broke our holy bond and separated us from the One who not only created us,but loves us in ways we can never fully understand while in this mortal frame.

This is the message of Christmas, that God became man to save us from eternal separation. As St. Augustine put so well:

Wake up, O human being! For it was for you that God was made man. Rise up and realize it was all for you. Eternal death would have awaited you had He not been born in time.


Never would you be freed from your sinful flesh had He not taken to Himself the likeness of sinful flesh. Everlasting would be your misery had He not performed this act of mercy. You would not have come to life again had He not come to die your death. You would have perished had He not come.


God could have taken the lives of Adam and Eve on the very day they sinned.

He could have molded a new Adam from the clay and began anew.

But we are His creation, the work of His hands, and because of that we are very precious to Him.


So out of mercy God kicked us out of the Garden, to keep us from eating the Tree of Life and being eternally separated from Him.

He then set out to create a new Tree of Life, one that didn’t just offer eternal life, but one that would redeem us as well so that we could spend eternity with Him.

That’s what the incarnation is all about, God wanting to be with His creation. That’s why Jesus is called Emmanuel, God with us.

Think about it. God was with us in the Garden. He was with the Israelites on Mt. Sinai. He was with them on their journey through the desert in the Ark of the Covenant and the Tent of Meeting.


He was with them in Israel in the Holy Temple. And now He’s literally come as a babe in the flesh to not only be with His people, but to redeem us, to reconcile us to Himself once and for all.

May you have a wonderful Christmas as you celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Merry Christmas To All Conservatives “Joyous Celebration”.


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