Mark McCloskey Says ‘He’s Just Flat Out Pissed Off’ After Being Charged For Defending His Property With Guns


Mark McCloskey Says ‘He’s Just Flat Out Pissed Off’ After Being Charged For Defending His Property With Guns.

Earlier, police raided the house of St. Louis couple who protected their home against BLM protesters. The Police also confiscated their rifles. Alien Armory Tactical, a gun store in St. Charles Missouri is offering a free AR-15 to the now famous McCloskeys, who protected their home from protesters marching by with guns.

Last week, appearing with Tucker Carlson, Mark McCloskey, the man who became a viral sensation defending his home with his wife while armed, said he believe he will be “indicted shortly”.

Amid nationwide protests of George Floyd’s death, an African American who died when an officer knelt on his neck for more than nine minutes, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has filed charges against a St. Louis couple who protected their private property from ‘BLack Lives Matter’ protesters.


Tucker Carlson interviewed Mark McCloskey tonight, who was just charged with a felony by the St. Louis prosecutor for daring to defend his home and life against an angry mob.

Mark McCloskey said it’s a bizarre, upside down world, noting that the people who broke into his neighborhood and trespassed on his property are not being charged. He said the leader of the mob even said he was going to break the law because he had to in order to get his message across, and he’s not being charged. But McCloskey is being charged with a felony and had his guns seized and his home searched. McCloskey said the St. Louis prosecutor clearly doesn’t want to keep the citizens safe from criminals, but wants to keep the criminals safe from citizens.

He added “I’ve been a little irritated by this process until today. Now I’m just flat out pissed off. This has gotten to be outrageous.”

He’s not going to get any argument from most sane and rational people on this. The McCloskeys even tried calling the police, but they didn’t come. He said some are trying to argue that he should have just gone back into his home and taken cellphone video of everything. But he said that wasn’t an option. He didn’t want 300 people inside his home breaking things and trying to kill he and his wife, so he took a stand.


And he says he’ll continue to take a stand, that he’s not going to apologize for doing what’s right, he’s not going to back down or be bullied and intimidated into moving. He’s going to fight this.

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