Madagascar Enforce Lockdown Amid Surge In COVID-19 Cases After Claiming Its “COVID-Organics” Cure Works


Madagascar Enforce Lockdown Amid Surge In COVID-19 Cases After Claiming Its “COVID-Organics” Cure Works.

Madagascar after claiming its COVID-Organics drink prevents and cures Coronavirus, forced to impose lockdown amid surge in Coronavirus cases in the country.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 11 million people, claiming more than 526,000 lives across the world. India’s daily cases breach 20,000 mark for 1st time

President Andry Rajolina back in April launched a herbal medicine, ‘COVID Organics’, which he claimed prevents and cures coronavirus. Launched on April 20, the COVID-Organics was developed by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA). Its main ingredient is said to be sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua), a plant of Asian origin from where the antimalarial drug, artemisinin, came.


Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina said at the launch that the effectiveness of the drug has been proved. Of the 193 COVID-19 cases so far recorded in Madagascar, 101 have recovered while none has died.

The Madagascan President also announced that the “herbal tea gives results in seven days,” and urged his citizens to adopt it as a preventative measure.

Madagascar Enforce Lockdown Amid Surge In COVID-19 Cases.

Madagascar authorities have imposed a total lockdown in the Analamanga region due to the rise in coronavirus cases, the presidency said in a statement. Analamanga is a region in central Madagascar, containing the capital Antananarivo and its surrounding metropolitan area.

The lockdown measures will be effective for a period of 15 days, starting from Monday July 6 to last until July 20. The decision came after an extraordinary Council of Ministers meeting on Saturday evening. The measures have been taken because of the spread of the virus and the rise of COVID-19 cases, according to the statement.

The country was not used to registering a dozen cases a day, but the country has recently seen a spike in cases after 216 people tested positive Saturday, July 4th.


“Only one person per household is allowed to go out into the street between 6 a.m. (0400GMT) and 12 p.m. (1000GMT).” Only food production units, materials, and equipment necessary for the fight against COVID-19 will be authorized to open, according to the statement.

World Health Organisation has repeatedly warned that there are no published scientific studies of the herbal tea and that its effects have not been tested according to BBC report

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