Liberal Gun Confiscation Plan Face Challenges From New Group


(BREAKING WIDE) — Liberal Gun Confiscation Plan Face Challenges From New Group.

Another challenge to the Liberal government’s gun grab has been filed to the Federal Court.

This one is filed by competitive shooters, gun ranges and businesses including the Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club and Montreal Firearms Recreation Centre. On May 1, the Justin Trudeau government announced they were banning 1,500 different types of what they called “military-style” and “assault-style” guns in Canada.

The decision was made by cabinet without consulting Parliament. It meant tens of thousands of guns that were legal became illegal over night. Lawyers for the applicants, Eugene Meehan and Thomas Slade of Supreme Advocacy LLP in Ottawa, filed the application for judicial review in Federal Court on Aug. 11.


“Parliament makes it clear that firearms reasonable for sporting or hunting cannot then be prohibited by Cabinet regulation. Just as Canadians have to follow the law, so does Cabinet,” said Meehan.

“Many of the newly prohibited firearms have been imported, sold, regulated, and used for years for sporting and hunting. It is inauthentic to say otherwise. Urinating on somebody’s leg and calling it rain is constitutionally indefensible.”

A number of groups have also filed lawsuit to try and stop the gun grab. “The number of challenges to the regulations are a sign of their dysfunction. This particular challenge is designed to complement rather than conflict with those other cases. We specifically are not bringing a Charter challenge, but instead are focussing primarily on the fact the government overstepped its statutory mandate,” Meehan said

The applicants bringing the challenge includes: Jennifer Eichenberg, a mother of three, high school teacher, and avid sports shooter. Len Walker, a 37-year lawyer, 19-year provincial Assistant Crown Attorney and sports shooter.


The Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club, which operates a shooting range, and its President David Bot. The Montreal Firearms Recreation Centre, which is licensed to import and sell firearms and also operates a shooting range. O’Dell Engineering Ltd., an importer and distributor of firearms, ammunition and related gear. Here is the group’s notice of motion

“The government’s narrative keeps changing. The facts don’t,” said David Bot, President of the Burlington Rifle and Revolver Club.

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