Joe Biden Teaches New Strategy to De-escalate Criminal Circumstances


(BREAKING WIDE) – Joe Biden Teaches New Strategy to De-escalate Criminal Circumstances.

Joe Biden said it should not be in all criminal circumstances a police officer ‘shoot to kill.’ Biden offers his de-escalation strategy when faced with imminent threats and impel police departments to employ the services of psychologists on 911 calls.

According to Joe Biden:  “We can do this, we can ban chokeholds, but beyond that you have to teach people how to de-escalate circumstances.” “So instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg.”

“There’s ways to do more background checks in terms of whether or not the person coming in passes certain psychological tests.”


“And the last thing I’ll say and I’m sorry, but its really really important, you have to be in a position where you are able to identify, identify the things that have to change and one of the things that has to change is, so many cops get called in circumstances where somebody is mentally off.” “Like what happened not long ago, that guy with a knife, that’s why we need to provide police departments psychologist and social workers to go out with the cops on those calls, some of those 911 calls to de-escalate the circumstances, to deal with talking them down. Cops are like school teachers,” he added.

Watch Joe Biden Teaches New Strategy to De-escalate Criminal Circumstances


The former Vice President said cops are like teachers but make no mistake criminals are not like students. Joe Biden’s strategy of shooting criminals in the leg comes under massive scrutiny.

A video of Joe Biden encouraging people to buy guns to protect themselves from criminals surfaces.

Megyn Kelly blast Joe Biden saying Biden had never had a criminal running at him with a deadly weapon.

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