‘Unbelieveable’ Joe Biden Picks a Criminal to Run DHS


(BREAKING WIDE) – ‘Unbelieveable’ Joe Biden Picks a Criminal to Run DHS.

With the Electoral College yet to declare the winner of the election, Joe Biden has already began his cabinet picks. The latest Biden’s cabinet pick to run the Department of Homeland Security(DHS) raised alarm as report shows his scandalous past.

Joe Biden picks Alejandro Mayorkas to run the DHS but a 2015 Inspector general report found in the words of Senator Tom Cotton this week that “Mayorkas was guilty of selling green cards to two Chinese Nationals on behalf of rich Democratic donors, the scheme involved a casino pushed by then-Senate majority leader Harry Reid and venture involving former Virginia governor Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe.”

“Unbelieveable” Joe Biden Picks a Criminal to Run DHS.

Rep. Matt Gaetz blasts Joe Biden decision to have Alejandro Mayorkas run the DHS despite his scandalous and criminal past.


“Sadly this happen all the time and it’s becoming increasingly clear that in Joe Biden’s America, it might be Illegal to open a restaurant but encouraged to invite a Central America Caravan or to make book with the Chinese who simply want to buy their way into the control rather than participate in the legal immigration system.”

Matt Gaetzs also made a joke out of Biden’s decision to put Alejandro Mayorkas incharge of the Department of Homeland Security.

“I mean putting Mayorkas incharge of the Department of Homeland Security is like putting the fire festival crew incharge of the inauguration. This is someone who is pro immigration activist and his objective will be to try to create porous border and a system where more and more people can have mass migration into our country,” Gaetz said.

Gaetz also challenged the Republicans to stand against the nomination of Alejandro Mayorkas to run the DHS.”we need to stand against this, am glad some Republican Senators are showing backbone and indicating they will not support the nomination,” Gaetz said.


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