Jim Jordan Firery Speech Ends It All Dem Trump Haters 


Jim Jordan Firery Speech Ends It All Dem Trump Haters, Rep. Jim Jordan just gave a blistering five minute speech condemning Democrats for their hatred of Trump and the American people who put him there:

Also Jordan’s speech was so epic that these little quotable blurbs don’t really do it justice, but here’s a preview of what’s in his speech:


Now Essentially what Jordan is arguing, and rather effectively I might add, is that Democrats refuse to accept the will of the people who elected Trump. Why? Because they don’t like us. He quoted the text from Strzok where he said he could ‘smell’ the Trump support at his local walmart.


He quoted Maxine Waters telling liberals to push back on members of Trump’s cabinet, whether in a restaurant or a gas station, and let them know ‘they are not welcome here anymore, anywhere’.

Also Not only do they hate us, Jordan points out, but they are willing weaponize the government against us, saying “They dislike us so much they are willing to weaponize the government.

A few years ago, it was the IRS. More recently it was the FBI. And now it’s the impeachment power of Congress, going after 63 million people and the guy we put in the White House.”

Again, this doesn’t do his speech justice so be sure and watch the whole speech above. It’s well worth your time.


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Jim Jordan Firery Speech Ends It All Dem Trump Haters.

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