Is ‘Jill Biden’ First Lady Material?


(BREAKING WIDE) – Is ‘Jill Biden’ First Lady Material?

Appearing on CNN, Jill Biden, wife of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was asked about a viral video of a 5-year-old crying while trying to do school work. Jill answer appears to be terrifying and ridiculous which prompts one question: is ‘Jill Biden’ first lady material?

Joe Biden has already come out and said that should he be elected President he may put the country back into lockdown if scientists suggest it. Jill Biden was being asked on CNN about schools reopening and what Biden’s plan is to deal with schools and the coronavirus. The host at CNN asked, “What is your message to boys like this one?”

The first thing she says is that if Joe Biden wins “he won’t be sitting there crying.” “He won’t be sitting there crying, he will be sitting there with his laptop with a smile on his face,” she added. Then concluded saying that Joe Biden “has empathy.”


Now, if that kid is sitting at his laptop that means come January schools won’t be open and his administration may immediately place us in a lockdown. Secondly, what the hell does Joe Biden having empathy do for school districts trying to teach students online?

These people don’t have a plan for anything except, “Donald Trump is mean” and “Joe Biden is good.”

Then next question she was asked was about teachers teaching that “black lives matter.” Her answer again was basically Donald Trump mean, Joe Biden good.

“I think that people especially today need to have hope that things are going to get better. Joe Biden will heal this country,” she said.


Jill’s answer for both questions was Joe Biden is nice, Donald Trump isn’t.


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