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Iraqi Parliament Vote To Remove U.S Troops

Iraqi Parliament Vote To Remove U.S Troops

Iraqi Parliament Vote To Remove U.S Troops,

Moments ago the Iraq parliament has passed a resolution to expel U.S. troops from the country following the killing of general Soleimani on their Iraqi soil.

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The Iraqi parliament passed a resolution Sunday calling on the government to expel U.S. troops from the country in response to the killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani and the leader of an Iraqi militia on its soil.

Iraqi Parliament To Remove U.S Troops From Country

Now Between the lines: A senior Iraqi government official told Axios’ Jonathan Swan that the actual expulsion of U.S. troops is far from a certain outcome.

This is a resolution and the prime minister who must sign it has already resigned, the official said.

  • “This is a temporary victory for the parties which are pro-Iranian,” they added. “But it’s also a clear message from the Sunnis and from the Kurds [who didn’t vote] and from some Iraqi Shia for the Americans to tell them we want you to stay in Iraq.”

However the big picture: The legal basis for the U.S. presence in Iraq is that it comes at Iraq’s invitation. This vote does not formally revoke that invitation, but it is a step along that path.


A U.S. exit from Iraq could ultimately be one of the most consequential results of Soleimani’s killing, because it would significantly hamper the fight against ISIS and achieve a major Iranian objective.

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Elizabeth Warren

Also Speaking, Is it possible for Democrats to get worse by the second? The all-in here is seriously mesmerizing. They actually think they’re hurting the GOP for 2020. That they’re helping their chances of winning.

I knew they were in am bubble, I guess I didn’t realize it’s a solid lead bubble encased in concrete chained the bottom of the ocean. The ocean on Saturn’s moon Titan.


Tapper: “As president, would you not prioritize the U.S. military killing the leaders of organizations designated terrorist organizations?”

Warren: TRUMP BAD and it’s his fault Iran is mad anyway.

Warren: ALSO wag the dog.

Tapper: Okay that’s fine. New subject.


Watch this madness.

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Iraqi Parliament Vote To Remove U.S Troops.


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