Ilhan Omar TRIGGERED by Tucker Carlson ‘I had to Crawl to Safety without my father’


(BREAKING WIDE) – Ilhan Omar TRIGGERED by Tucker Carlson ‘I had to Crawl to Safety without my father’.

Tucker Carlson debunked Joe Biden’s claim that the Trump administration permanently separated hundreds of children brought by coyotes from their parents. Carlson said that is far from the truth.

“At one point Joe Biden told us that over hundreds of these children brought by coyotes Possibly dragged have been separated permanently from their parents by the Trump administration which hate families.” “545 children to be exact,” Carlson said.

“Now if you believe that was true, you would be upset about it, you would be happy to know it’s not true, it’s not even close to true.” “The vast majority of the parents of these children have been located by federal authorities and they’re are refusing to reunite with their children,” Carlson added.


“A DHS spokesperson says in one lawsuit, the plaintiffs have been able to contact the parents of 485 children separated at the border and yet ‘ they have yet to identify a single family that wants their child reunited with them in their country of origin’, so it’s more complicated than Joe Biden told us.” “In many cases the parents in question are not in the United States, they’re are still back home in their country of origin usually in Central America.”

Ilhan Omar TRIGGERED by Tucker Carlson ‘I had to Crawl to Safety without my father’.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar triggered by Tucker Carlson’s revelations, blasted the Fox News anchor on a personal level.

Those who have been abandoned by their parents, shouldn’t project their hurt and neglect on to children whose parents risked everything to give a better life. As a child who had to crawl to safety without my father, I know the sleepless nights he had when we were separated, Omar tweeted.

Ilhan Omar also blasted the Senate Republicans over Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Omar claims the Senate GOP rammed through an extremist Supreme Court justice in a sham process as a final abuse of power before election day.


“We can’t let them get away with their corruption and hypocrisy any longer.” “Let’s mobilize like hell these last 8 days to end their destructive reign,” Omar tweeted.

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