Ilhan Omar & Dem Using Airstrike To Push Trump Conspiracy theory


Ilhan Omar & Dem Using Airstrike To Push Trump Conspiracy theory,

Oh, those are the left are just infuriated as President Trump continues to win despite their efforts to remove him from office.

Rep. Ilhan Omar who is currently under investigation for sexual misconduct with a Democrat consultant took the time to start a conspiracy theory against the President.

Omar claims that she alone will “step in and stop” President Trump from starting a war with Iran and started the conspiracy theory that President Trump is using this attack to distract from his impeachment hearings.



Let’s get one thing straight, according to polls, including the ones done by CNN impeachment is not popular and Democrat’s are paying a price for it.

So President Trump doesn’t need anything to distract if anything he himself said he can’t wait to put the Democrat’s through “hell” during the Senate trial.

But, she wasn’t alone Democrat Chris Murphy went on a tirade inferring that President Trump assassinated “the second most powerful person in Iran” without congressional approval.

Quite frankly his comments were anti-American. The Department of Defense released a statement Thursday night saying,

Soleimani “was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region.” Additionally, the Department of Defense said that Soleimani also authorized the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad.

It was also reported that the strike killed Abu Mahadi al-Muhandis who was the deputy commander of Iran backed terror group the PMF that was operating in Iraq.


I guess this is the person that the Democrat party would rather remain alive so they can kill or injure American diplomates and soldiers.

Omar is also the same congresswoman that slammed 9/11 victims and is under investigating for sleeping with a consultant.

I know the Democrats are furious that the Embassy attack didn’t turn into “Trump’s Benghazi” as MSNBC host Joy Reid hoped. On top of that, the successful airstrike killing Soleimani makes Obama look weak and incompetent after all Trump stayed up and took care of business.

You can almost hear the jealousy coming from that left as Trump puts Iran in its place. 


What is a disgrace is that a congresswoman and a sitting United States Senator would start a conspiracy theory when an enemy of the American people and the Iraqi people are killed.

But, this is also the same congresswoman that attacked 9/11 victims so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

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Ilhan Omar & Dem Using Airstrike To Push Trump Conspiracy theory

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