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“I messed up” Capitol rioter shocked Trump wasn’t the savior he hoped.

"I messed up" Capitol rioter shocked Trump wasn't the savior he hoped.

“I messed up” Capitol rioter shocked Trump wasn’t the savior he hoped. A suspect in the January 6 Capitol riot from Buffalo, New York, submitted a letter to a judge condemning former President Donald Trump.

Thomas Sibick, indicted on a variety of crimes relating to the incident. Officer Michael Fanone of the Metropolitan Police Department is suspected of being assaulted by Thomas Sibick. Sibick wrote to Judge Amy Berman Jackson in a letter saying Trump “is not a leader and should be excluded from any future political positions. He really has to get out of here!”

He stated that the violent January 6 insurgency was a “disgrace to our nation” that “created a scar Trump is ultimately accountable for.” “The feelings of guilt, disgrace, and sorrow I’ve had are without a doubt the worst emotions I’ve ever felt,” he continued. “I disagree with what happened on that terrible day, particularly Officer Michael Fanone’s anguish; it is unquestionably inexcusable.”

On Tuesday, Jackson agreed to release Sibick from a Washington, DC, pretrial detention center, but stipulated that he must remain at his parents’ house at all times. According to Ryan J. Reilly, a senior justice correspondent for HuffPost, Sibick is also prohibited from using social media or viewing any political programs on television.


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The judge voiced concern about the defendants being imprisoned together on January 6, citing the “toxic atmosphere” that this would create. According to experts, putting the defendants together might radicalize them even more.

Jon Lewis stated that “I do believe that the fact that the J6 defendants are currently being held pre-trial… having them all together, where they can seemingly communicate by newsletter, is likely to foster continued feelings of anti-government mentality among those who are being prosecuted”

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