Hillary Scared To Death As Her Plan To Hit Trump Backfires


(BREAKING WIDE) — Hillary Scared To Death As Her Plan To Hit Trump Backfires.

Greg Gutfeld has had enough of Hillary Clinton and ripped into her for her tone-deaf remark about the number of coronavirus cases America has.

The failed 2016 dem presidential Candidate tried to mock President Trump but missed and mocked the entire country’s suffering with pain and anxiety instead. Gutfeld dropped the bomb and told Hillary flat out to go to hell.

“I can’t believe I’m going to say, there are no words for Hillary Clinton,” Greg Gutfeld said as he began to destroy Hillary Clinton. “She’s not only stole this joke, it’s not even a good joke, and the joke is based on the suffering of others,” he added.


Then he took her to task and told her right where to go: “I would say she should rot in hell, but I think she’s already there.”

Gutfeld said this pointing at the level of the pandemic, “When you look at people suffering… by the way the infection rates are increasing because we are testing more.”

“And these are people that really wanted more testing, so you’re naturally going to see more infection rates.”

“But, if you see that as an opportunity to direct attention to yourself on social media, you are what scientists would call a scumbag, and you are somebody that we will not forget.”


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