High ranking GOP Senator goes beast mode on Clinton-Obama operative ‘this is how we stop this nonsense’


(BREAKING WIDE) – High ranking GOP Senator goes beast mode on Clinton-Obama operative ‘this is how we stop this nonsense’ as Joe Biden reached into the recycle bin and restored Neera Tanden to lead the Office of the Management and Budget(OMB)

Joe Biden continues to reach into the recycling bin of failed Clinton-Obama operatives to staff the administration pick with the highly controversial discredited Democrat operative Neera Tanden, to be his Office of the Management and Budget director, which is a senate-confirmed position.

Neera Tanden have a have a long troubling history of promoting conspiracy theories, smears against Republicans and reports suggests she’s being used by Democrats as a sacrificial lamb.

Neera Tanden promoted a conspiracy theory in 2016 that Russian hackers flip votes from Hillary to Donald Trump.


High ranking GOP Senator Lindsey Graham goes beast on Clinton-Obama Operative

Senator Lindsey Graham tells Hannity: well, we spent twenty five billion dollars. We had 40 FBI agents, 19 prosecutors, 500 Witnesses interviewed, 2,500 subpoenas and they found nothing.

So think about Georgia if we win both Georgia seats and have 52 Republican Senators, the Attorney General nominee if Trump falls short and Biden wins, will come before the Judiciary Committee chaired by Chuck Grassley. There’s no way in hell anybody will get confirmed that would agree with Weissman’s call for more baseless investigations into Trump.

If we lose both Senate seats in Georgia then, Dick Durbin will be chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee most likely, if we win both seats in Georgia, i will be the budget chairman. Anybody the OMB director has to come before the budget committee for hearings to be confirmed. I thing I would ask different questions than Bernie Sanders who would be the budget chairman if Democrats win in Georgia.

So if you want to stop this nonsense, if you want to make sure this nutjob Tanden doesn’t become the director of the budget incharge of Office of Management and Budget, then make sure we win in Georgia, Graham said.


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