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The purpose of the Country Delegate (CD) is to ensure implementation of the international strategy at country level through programme support to the National Society partner, as articulated and established in the country framework. The CD is responsible for ensuring results-based project management, risk management, and operational in-country Movement coordination. Furthermore, the CD is responsible for ensuring project implementation in support to NS partners, in line with established project agreements and project plans. The CD ensures sound technical quality of all country projects, in line with established technical standards and best practices. The CD ensures that Norwegian Red Cross programme support is based on regularly updated humanitarian needs analysis in line with established practices. The CD represents Norwegian Red Cross in-country with regards to external partnerships and relationships. The CD is responsible for security management.

The purpose of the Health Delegate is to strategically direct and manage health projects, ensuring alignment with technical standards, best practices, and program objectives. The role encompassed coordinating the design, implementation, and monitoring of health initiatives while supporting the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in achieving their health-related goals.

Strategic Responsibilities:

  • Direct the design and implementation of Norwegian Red Cross supported projects in line with established technical standards and project management methodologies, ensuring high-quality program delivery.
  • Provide coaching and support to project teams at the Host National Society, guiding them in adhering to technical standards and operationalizing these standards effectively.
  • Contribute proactively to the establishment and operationalization of technical standards within the Norwegian Red Cross global efforts, ensuring consistent quality across health projects.
  • Oversee the strategic planning of health initiatives, ensuring that programs were designed to achieve their intended impact and outcomes.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure the alignment of health projects with the overall goals and objectives of the organization’s Syria program.

Operational Responsibilities:


  • Monitor progress of health projects, preparing comprehensive quarterly and yearly reports, and adhere to reporting deadlines.
  • Ensure accurate data collection and information from all health projects, aligning with Norwegian Red Cross results framework and contributing to the formulation of yearly results reports.
  • Gain proficiency in Norwegian Red Cross work processes and digital tools, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Engage in donor meetings to secure support for health projects and participate in Red Cross Movement health coordination mechanisms to enhance program impact.


  • Draft primary healthcare and community health technical documents, including yearly action plans, and facilitate regular meetings and reporting to track progress.
  • Assist SARC Health department in project development and fundraising efforts, overseeing Norwegian Red Cross supported health programs’ compliance with technical standards and thematic frameworks.
  • Develop and lead the creation of standard operating documents for health project implementation.
  • Conduct field monitoring, technical assessments, and provide recommendations for project improvements, ensuring adherence to agreements and plans.
  • Collaborate with Host National Society technical and project teams to ensure relevant technical assistance.
  • Conduct trainings, coaching sessions, and provide support to the Host National Society project staff in operationalizing established technical standards.
  • Support the creation of case studies among health program beneficiaries or volunteers.

Progamme Management:

  • Implement effective program management practices, ensuring that projects are executed within scope, on time, and within budget.
  • Develop comprehensive project plans, detailing activities, timelines, and resource allocations, to guide the successful execution of health initiatives.
  • Monitor project risks and develop mitigation strategies to address challenges and obstacles.
  • Conduct regular project reviews to assess progress, identify areas for improvement, and ensure adherence to project goals.
  • Collaborate closely with the Country Programme Manager to ensure program activities are aligned with the overall Syria program strategy.



  • Continuous coordination with Country Programme Manager for Syria and provision of technical support in relation to NorCross funded health projects.
  • Engage with the Regional Health Delegate, Regional Health Care in Danger (HCiD) Delegate and Results Management Coordinator at NorCross Regional Office, to ensure consistent accountability towards Norwegian Red Cross rules and regulations, guidelines and deadlines.
  • Regular communication with colleagues at the Programme Support Team and International Human Resources Unit.


  • Directly work with SARC health department colleagues in relation to primary healthcare, community health and epidemic surveillance among other topics that might be supported by Norwegian Red Cross
  • Directly work and coordinate with other relevant SARC departments such as water and rehabilitation department, psychosocial support department among others

Mission Specific Responsibilities:

  • Support SARC health interventions by conducting needs assessments, quality assurance of project design, monitoring, and evaluation plans, and providing guidance throughout the project cycle.
  • Develop NorCross portfolio in primary healthcare and community-based health and epidemic control, ensuring alignment with technical documents and methodologies.
  • Integrate health service protection and protection mainstreaming into health programming and results management.
  • Train and coach SARC project staff on operationalizing technical standards and resolving implementation challenges.
  • Undertake extensive travel across Syria to expand NorCross health activities, ensuring effective monitoring and reporting.

Formal Competence:

  • University Degree in health-related discipline preferably medical or public health.
  • At least 5 years working experience implementing primary healthcare and community health projects.
  • At least 3 years’ experience in migration and/or disaster context.
  • Preferably project management experience in humanitarian projects.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Track record of managing humanitarian teams in complex humanitarian settings preferably with previous experience working on Syria crisis or in MENA region in general.
  • Proven ability to implement Health programmes in challenging contexts.
  • Excellent drafting skills including reporting on humanitarian projects with measurable results.
  • Fluency in English is required. Working proficiency of regional languages is an asset.

Personal Qualifications:

  • Ability to work towards achieving objectives and results.
  • Ability to convince and gain acceptance
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to be solution oriented.
  • Ability to travel extensively in country to locations of varying security and safety levels.
  • Collaborates well with others and supports others in the pursuit of team goals. Creates a stable and re-assuring work atmosphere and is firm and reliable.


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