Fox News Stupid Game Elevates Newsmax TV


(BREAKING WIDE) – Fox News Stupid Game Elevates Newsmax TV.

Newsmax TV just celebrated reaching one million YouTube subscribers hours ago, their ratings and viewers increase exponentially during the election week and it’s all thanks to Fox News. Newsmax TV beat Fox Business and CNBC in key daytime ratings on election week.

Also Newsmax refused to recognize Joe Biden as President-elect while Fox News already declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. Fox News actions spark massive backlash from its viewers and most top Republican officials.

After the big media declared Joe Biden as President-elect, Fox News owner’s wife Kathryn Murdoch took to Twitter celebrating Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. In a tweet she wrote “we did it”


Many Trump supporters and Fox viewers see this as a hardcore betrayal. Alot of Fox viewers said they are done with the newtwork and heading to Newsmax and OANN urging the likes of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham to also abandone the network and join Newsmax and OANN.


On Thursday, President Trump retweeted many tweets about his supporters leaving Fox News and heading to alternatives like Newsmax and OANN.

Fox News Viewers flocking to Newsmax

From Fox News to Newsmax and OANN

In a separate tweet, President Trump acknowledges the drastic drop in Fox News ratings. Trump said the biggest difference between the 2016 election and 2020 was Fox News.


President Trump has no Plans to concede amid legal fight over voter fraud. In a tweet Trump said victory is assured.


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