Federal Court Trashes Dem Nuisance Lawsuit Over Presidential Records


Federal Court Trashes Dem Nuisance Lawsuit Over Presidential Record,

President Trump keeps winning in court and that just might be the reason the Dems rushed their impeachment rather than wait for the court to decide.

This time a liberal group sued for access to Trump’s notes from a meeting with Vlad Putin.

The leftist outfit accused Trump of ignoring rules for preserving presidential records by ripping up the notes or discarding them.


The federal judges, in a ruling that mirrored Judge Roberts’ impeachment ruling, said the courts have no power to enforce this act and that it may interfere with Trump’s job and that Congress needs to do it if they are unhappy.

In short, another vindication and remember – even if a president keeps these records they never make them public until well after the president is gone so this was just a nuisance suit as Trump, at the very least, could classify the notes – we need our leaders to be able to speak freely with other world leaders so this is just more liberal-boy-who-cried-wolf hysteria.

Following Report From CNN: Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the DC District Court dismissed the lawsuit, saying judges in Washington don’t have the authority to oversee the President’s day-to-day actions.

“The law is clear that the Court cannot order the President to perform discretionary duties,” the judge noted.


“A district judge must steer clear of efforts to supervise day-to-day operations within the White House … even when a complaint presents legitimate concerns about an ongoing practice that threatens the preservation of, and public access to, presidential records,” Jackson wrote on Monday.

Historian and archivist groups and the left-leaning government transparency group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics had sued Trump and the White House in May, alleging that Trump hadn’t properly created, preserved or disposed of records of meetings with foreign leaders…

…CREW and the historians were challenging “this administration’s recordkeeping practices — its operational decisions concerning the creation and maintenance of records,” Jackson noted in her opinion Monday.

“The gravamen of these claims is that there appears to be a deliberate, ongoing effort to avoid the recordkeeping contemplated by Congress — at least with respect to a critical subset of foreign relations activities. … But ‘clever drafting of a complaint’ or ‘artful pleading’ is not a means to circumvent” legal standards about when courts can get involved.


Generally, presidential records are considered publicly owned documents and preserved by the National Archives after a President leaves office. The Presidential Records Act, passed in 1978, governs how these records should be kept.

Jackson pointed out that it would be up to Congress to put stricter rules on presidential note-taking. “It is Congress that has the power to revisit its decision to accord the executive such unfettered control or to clarify its intentions,” she wrote.

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Federal Court Trashes Dem Nuisance Lawsuit Over Presidential Records



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