F*ck Joe Biden chants reverberate through the air as Americans have had enough.


Fck Joe Biden chants reverberate through the air as Americans have had enough. Students at college football stadium yell “Fck Joe Biden” on the opening weekend of the season, as Americans begin to express their displeasure.

A new season of college football has begun. The first weekend of games reminded us that there is still hope for America. As opposed to the usual “USA” shouts, the college stadiums erupted with “F*ck Joe Biden!” cheers. No offense to USA fans, but it was wonderful to have it at such a crucial moment.

The fact that an increasing number of Americans are waking up to Joe Biden’s failure is clear. Most importantly, they are making their voices heard, and they are doing it in front of the entire country. A disgrace for someone who ran his whole campaign on being “electable” and uniting the country.

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Americans Have Enough of Fauci: In addition to their disdain of Joe Biden, supporters made it clear that they were tired of Fauci’s masking and enforcing mandates that have been killing our country for over a year. For the first time in over 600 days, tens of thousands of students crowded shoulder to shoulder, finally embracing life and freedom. See it for yourself.

To some extent, these events would not have taken place if Fauci had his way. Americans must maintain their pressure and make it clear to Fauci that they will not tolerate further restrictions on our rights.

On Biden’s Watch – A New Afghanistan Was Born


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